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Calling George Kaplan...Calling George Kaplan...

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Some posters over at PirateBallerina are asking troubling questions about an author named Jim Vander Wall. A poster named Mighty Mouse asked, "Is Jim Vander Wall a real person??"

According to Amazon, the tenured Plagiarist of Ethnic Studies Ward Churchill co-wrote two books with an author named Jim Vander Wall:

1. Agents of Repression: The FBI's Secret Wars Against the Black Panther Party and the American Indian Movement

2. The Cointelpro Papers: Documents from the FBI's Secret Wars Against Dissent in the United States.

Jim Vander Wall is a man of mystery. Where does he live? Does he have a job? A Social Security number? A driver's license? An American passport? Dandruff? I'd like to meet this Vander Wall so I can ask him why he never stepped up to the plate in defense of his co-author, the embattled Plagiarist of Ethnic Studies Ward Churchill. That wasn't very sporting of Jim.

Jim Vander Wall reminds me a little bit of that nonexistent government agent George Kaplan [video] whom the Russian spies mistook for Carry Grant in Hitchcock's spy thriller North by Northwest.

Jim Vander Wall was reportedly involved in making two movies. He was "thanked" for Incident at Oglala and reportedly appeared as "himself" in the 1996 film All Power to the People. Perhaps Jim Vander Wall is an actor.

Jim Vander Wall would seem to be a real person because he has been interviewed by the media. Vander Wall argued in a Guerrilla News Network (GNN) article---reposted here---that the FBI is a political police, not a crime-fighting organization:

Jim Vander Wall:...FBI [serves] as a mechanism for maintaining political conformity… as a mechanism for suppressing dissident political groups. Most people, when they think of the FBI, have an image from movies like Mississippi Burning and characters like Clarice Sterling from Silence of the Lambs. The media image of the CIA and NSA is much more sinister, but most people think of the FBI purely as a crime fighting organization. The FBI has been very successful at disrupting and destroying perfectly legitimate organizations involved in dissent - They would like to project the image of crime fighters, but it is not really their principal role. Crime fighting is one of their roles but it certainly is not their primary role. If you look at what they have not been very successful at, they have not been successful at dealing with organized crime. Organized crime is probably as strong today or stronger than it ever was. And they have not been very successful at dealing with actual spies - Aldrich Ames and other people like that. And in terms of actual crime fighting and counter intelligence, legitimate counter intelligence operations, they have been dismally unsuccessful. What they have been very successful at is disrupting and destroying perfectly legitimate organizations involved in dissent: civil right organizations, women's organizations, generally organizations on the left. So while they would like to project the image of crime fighters, it is not really the principal role of the FBI.[Full Text]

What a performance! With blockbuster allegations like that, I'm a bit surprised that Jim Vander Wall isn't speaking "truth to power" and dazzling the college kids with his magic [video] just like Wardo does! Yes, I sure wonder where that man of mystery Jim Vander Wall is keeping himself these days.

This whole business reminds me of that children's book Where's Waldo? [video].

Maybe President Hank Brown of the University of Colorado knows where Jim Vander Wall is from all the investigations they have been doing of Ward Churchill's dishonest scholarship. Or maybe the C.U. professors would be able to find out.

Better yet, the Maoist MIM might be prevailed upon to write President Bush yet again and demand that the elusive Vander Wall be produced, or else! [video]

Or perhaps that smart anthropologist Dean Saitta could track down the elusive Vander Wall. Professor Saitta has a Ph.D. and critical thinking skills [video].

As everyone knows, Dr. Saitta has objected to bloggers writing without disclosing their identities so that readers can evaluate their credentials. That being the case, perhaps Professor Saitta might want to turn over a few stones on his next summer vacation and see exactly who Jim Vander Wall is...[video].

Update: I just noticed that this site about the film "All Power to the People" has a picture of a man identified as Jim Vander Wall. Now, where's Wardo? [video]

Doh! Oh, there you are! Hi, Wardo! I see you're in the movie too, as yourself! [video]

Interestingly, one of the advisors on the film is Philip Agee. Wardo's friend "Phil" used to be a CIA officer but was forced out and ended up in Castro's Cuba. The former spook went on to a career facilitating Soviet/Cuban disinformation activities against the United States [video].

Wikipedia Reports:

"In 1978, Agee and a small group of his supporters began publishing the Covert Action Information Bulletin, which promoted "a worldwide campaign to destabilize the CIA through exposure of its operations and personnel." Mitrokhin states that the bulletin had help from both the KGB and the Cuban DGI."

Ward Churchill published an article in the Covert Action Information Bulletin (CAIB) in 1985 alleging that FBI-backed death squads murdered 342 Indians. The CAIB is now called the Covert Action Quarterly, although the publication appears to be moribund since spring 2005.


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