Saturday, October 20, 2007

Josh Dillabaugh: Free Speech Poster Baby

Boulder Colorado police have issued a warrant for Josh Dillabaugh, a CU Boulder Sophomore and Colorado American Indian Movement activist.

The Commander of the University of Colorado Police Department Brad Wiesley confirms that Heath Urie, a reporter for The Daily Camera, pressed charges against Dillabaugh after an altercation during a talk by the recently fired Plagiarist of Ethnic Studies Ward Churchill.

CU spokesman Bronson Hilliard told Westword Magazine:

"As long as [Churchill] respects the law while he's on campus, he's welcome as a private citizen."

Joshua Lawton, a cameraman for the Daily Camera, told Westword that Urie stepped into the classroom to ask why the student reporters from the Campus Press were permitted to cover Churchill's talk while the Daily Camera was excluded:

"That's when they corralled him," Lawton maintains. "They started grabbing Heath's notes, and then [Dillabaugh] grabbed Heath's arm and tried to drag him out of there. Heath said, 'Don't touch me!,' and then we walked out." He insists that there was no barging, no yelling, nothing out of bounds. "We weren't overly aggressive," he says. "If we'd been overly aggressive, we would have gone in the classroom from the get-go, not waited in the hallway."

Westword Magazine reports:

"A CU detective arranged to meet Dillabaugh at his Boulder residence to deliver a summons...but the suspect wasn't there at the appointed time and later told the officer he'd "have to come find him." As a result, a warrant has been issued in Dillabaugh's name for misdemeanor harassment, an offense that carries a sentence ranging from a $50 fine to six months in jail."

Ward Churchill, young Dillabaugh's mentor, used to use physical intimidation against questioning reporters himself, but now he has the Sophomore Josh Dillabaugh to protect him from public scrutiny.

The zany misadventures of Ward Churchill's Sophomore cheerleader are chronicled on a series of posts over at theDrunkablog.


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