Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Ward Churchill in the Film THE CANARY EFFECT

Ward Churchill is appearing in another film! As previously noted here, Churchill once appeared in a film called All Power to the People. Philip Agee, who was fired from the CIA and went over to the KGB, was an advisor on that film.

Ward Churchill was supposed to speak at the Vinegar Hill Theatre in Charlottesville, Virginia on October 5, 2007, following the screening of a documentary about Christopher Columbus called The Canary Effect. [The video is also here.]

The Google cache about the Vinegar Hill film screening says Churchill will be a speaker, but this is not mentioned on the main site anymore. I think they just updated their page.

Churchill claims in the video that Columbus "was never near the continental mass of America."

Churchill sarcastically ridicules Columbus as the "great navigator" who "washed up on a beach in the Caribbean half a world away from where he thought he was." Churchill says "the navigator could never find his way from the island to the mainland. He couldn't discover the continent."

Churchill's statements are incorrect. According to the Indian author William Least Heat-Moon, the author of Columbus in the Americas, Columbus reached what is now Venezuela on August 1, 1498 (page 141). Columbus' landfall on October 12, 1492, is celebrated in a number of countries in Central and South America. I think Hugo Chavez has changed the holiday, however. Spain also celebrates a national holiday on October 12.

The video clip of The Canary Effect shows selective snips from old children's cartoons to make it appear that Americans are ignorant about Columbus.

How can people take Churchill seriously as an expert on Columbus when he doesn't even know that Christopher Columbus reached the mainland of the Americas?

Ward Churchill compares the Columbus celebration to celebrating Himmler.

Christopher Columbus was no saint, but I think Churchill is denigrating Columbus because he wants to demean Americans like Hitler demeaned the Jews. Churchill wants to make us feel guilty about our country and our history so that we won't defend our civilization. The Indians were not saints, either, according to Heat-Moon's Columbus in the Americas.

Ward Churchill gets a lot of support from Muslim organizations. I read an article by Reuven Koret that makes the case that Osama Bin Laden hates the symbol of Columbus because the year 1492 was the year European civilization began to expand into the Americas and the year that Ferdinand and Isabella captured the Alhambra and defeated the Moors in Spain.

Ward Churchill used to write propaganda for a KGB-sponsored propaganda mouthpiece called The Covert Action Information Bulletin (C.A.I.B), and he made a film with the CIA turncoat Philip Agee; but now it looks like Churchill is becoming a propagandist for Middle Eastern radicals.

Here is what the Vinegar Theatre Google cache says about
The Canary Effect and their guest speaker author, activist and [fired and discredited former] Professor of Indian Studies at Colorado University, Ward Churchill:

We will participate in COLUMBUS: MYTH AND THEAMERICAN DREAM REVISITED (Oct. 5-8) by presenting THE CANARY EFFECT on Friday, October 5 at 9:00 only, followed by Q & A with author, activist and Professor of Indian Studies at Colorado University, Ward Churchill...

On Friday, October 5 we will present the East Coast Premiere of THE CANARY EFFECT at 9:00 only, followed by Q & A with author, activist and Professor of Indian Studies at Colorado University, Ward Churchill. THE CANARY EFFECT takes an in depth look at the devastating effect that US policies have had on the indigenous people of America. This award-winning documentary offers a fresh and horrifying perspective on the abuses enacted against Native Americans, both historically and in contemporary society. The film includes a re-examination of the Columbus legacy, its continued role in popular culture and influence upon our historical narrative. Tickets are available at the Live Arts box office, in advance and at our box office, the day of the show only. This special event is in conjunction with COLUMBUS: MYTH AND THE AMERICAN DREAM REVISITED, taking place over Columbus Day Weekend and brought to you by The Living Education Center for Ecology and The Arts & The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative.




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