Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mad Maoist MIM on Terrorism and WMD

In his 9-11-07 post, Ward Churchill's advocate the Maoist MIM opined:

"People who wanted to get tough on terrorism and weapons of mass destruction would get tough on capitalism."

MIM is such an idiot! Communists are the biggest capitalists of all! The ruling communist parties own everything---the people, the property, the media, the government, the police, the army--- all in the name of "the people," who never get to vote. [video]

Communist governments are maintained by terrorism, and their economic experiments and secret police are weapons of mass destruction.

Mao was an economic retard, an ignorant nut job who tried to make every village self-sufficient in steel. His stupid policies lead to the deaths of 70 million Chinese people.

Here's a joke MIM! You can add it to your...ahem,"humor page"!

What do you get if you google Ward Churchill 118,000?

Answer: a sick puppy

MIM also posted an article that repeated conspiracy theories about 9-11. At the end of the article, MIM posted Osama Bin Laden's 9-7-07 speech. Osama's understanding of history is as pathetic as MIM's.

Obviously, Osama did not really take school seriously. His analysis is nothing but simplistic propaganda. It seems he gets his historical analysis from that California drop-out Adam Gadahn. And despite his dyed beard, Osama still does not cut a stylish figure. I can't seem to forget that picture of the teenaged Osama in Falun, Sweden: an awkward, 14-year-old fashion disaster in a lime-green shirt and blue bell-bottoms. [See "The Making of Bin Laden" from The Observer.]


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