Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Maoist MIM Wants Someone to Throw Him the Ball!

"I've received...unqualified support from hard-line Maoists.....[T]he Maoist International Movement (MIM) have used their weekly papers to advance some of the best analysis of my case and its implications yet published"--Ward Churchill

As we have often pointed out, the Maoist MIM is one of Ward Churchill's biggest defenders.

On January 13, 2008, MIM gazed over his keyboard at his reflection on his computer screen and penned this self-revealing fantasy about himself:

MIM has taken history up a whole notch, and intellectuals are not ready, because if they were, right now they would see MIM at the basket like Michael Jordan and start bouncing passes off the backboard for MIM to jump up and slam in. However, our intellectuals lack political capability to understand what it is MIM can and cannot do right now and how to assist. That is holding back the struggle right this very minute, in addition to other crap MIM has been denouncing forever, but which people persist in. There are in fact many people talking to MIM about things without getting that ball up in backboard range. This is another outrage, that people do not know how to work with MIM. MIM has said it before, but in fact the defection of even individuals has changed history.


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