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Paul Wolf Watch: The Second Installment

"As for my role in the secret program to "provoke" selfless heroes, I had heard of COINTELPRO in conjunction with FBI operations of the 1960s but was not involved with it, and certainly never used it against AIM."--Joseph Trimbach, American Indian Mafia p. 28.

On October 18, 2006, I posted an article about the lawyer Paul Wolf who--like the charlatan scholar Ward Churchill--postures as an expert on an FBI program called COINTELPRO.

Paul Wolf appeared to me to be an apologist for Saddam Hussein who flogged anti-FBI propaganda about COINTELPRO to the UN. He and the usual suspects wrote propaganda about the FBI and gave it to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mary Robinson, on September 1, 2001.

Now, a poster calling himself Paul Wolf has popped out of his spider hole to post a nasty review of the Trimbachs' book American Indian Mafia.

Wolf snears:

"Every word of the book is dripping with the anger of an old man who believes his career was ruined by left wing radicals and the left wing press. He sets out to set the record straight, but other than his hatred for the leaders of AIM, he doesn't have a lot to say."

Wolf, a cheap agitprop artist, sniffs:

"The fact that the book is less than scholarly is illustrated by the fact that Mr Two Elk was chosen to write the introduction."

In fact, Mr. Two Elk has spent many years collecting the oral traditions of Indian people. He is one of the Indians who tried to get to the truth about the murder of Anna Mae Aquash. He has also been an advocate for Indian children. His testament is central to the Trimbachs' book.

Wolf doesn't tell readers that Judge William Webster, who headed both the FBI and the CIA, wrote that this book is "The first definitive report...of what actually happened..."

Judge Webster's words are on the cover of the book at the top. I guess this powerful old Washington lawyer doesn't think that old Joe Trimbach's "career was ruined." [Scroll to end.]

At least we know who Joe Trimbach works for. Can we say the same for Paul Wolf?

I think people will listen to the eminent old Judge Webster a lot more than some 5th-rate lawyer like Paul Wolf who can't tell the difference between a political police like the KGB and the best crime-fighting law enforcement organization in the world, the FBI.

Wolf scores American Indian Mafia for its supposed scholarly shortcomings but keeps quiet about the fact that Trimbach exposes the stupid, ludicrous, and vicious lies of Wolf's COINTELPRO collaborator--the fake Indian and fake scholar Ward Churchill.

I found reading old Trimbach's book to be an uplifting experience after all those years of Churchill's breathtaking, Soviet-style lies. I feel like a powerful wind has blasted through the gates and freed my history from the GuLag of Ward Churchill's mendacity.

The shame is that our professors aren't exposing the Legend of Pine Ridge. Where are the professors who are always loudly claiming to be speaking truth to power? But it doesn't matter, because we still have the old men to defend us.

Old Trimbach has tremendous integrity and courage. Old Trimbach stood up for the truth against everyone. So what if he is an old man; he still protects us from the likes of Paul Wolf, Ward Churchill, and the AIM.

I guess that fake human rights activist Paul Wolf hasn't heard that Indian people value the wisdom of old people--elders--and that many of them think that Ward Churchill is the underneath of pond scum and that his roadshow is getting real old.

The Churchill lies are being rolled back. It is Paul Wolf's and Ward Churchill's mendacious account of COINTELPRO that is going to be tossed into the ashbin of history--not old Trimbachs' American Indian Mafia.

Trimbach cares about getting justice for Indian people. The fake human rights activist Paul Wolf only cares about cynically using the Indians for his anti-FBI agenda.

It was really noticeable that Wolf failed to mention anything that Joe Trimbach said about COINTELPRO because Trimbach's words would show what a liar Wolf is.

Soon, I will be posting more about what Joe Trimbach has to say about COINTELPRO, but early in the book Trimbach wrote:

"As for my role in the secret program to 'provoke' selfless heroes, I had heard of COINTELPRO in conjunction with FBI operations of the 1960s but was not involved with it, and certainly never used it against AIM. Of course this is not what the AIM defenders want to hear. They do not want the truth. They look only for a confirmation of their staunchly held theory that COINTELPRO was a central part (or any part) of the FBI's efforts to disrupt AIM's illegal activities. In virtually every pro-AIM publication the term appears as a historical fact and a convenient excuse for AIM's worse acts of violence. It is also the chief justification given for the execution of Anna Mae by the Movement leaders, some of whom abandoned the 'FBI did it' theory for the 'FBI made us do it' line." (Joseph and John Trimbach, American Indian Mafia p. 28.)


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