Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ross Kemp in Afghanistan

Picture credit and article: Ross Kemp in Afghanistan.

I will gradually be posting a series of Youtube video clips from a Sky One News documentary called "Ross Kemp in Afghanistan." The former EastEnders TV star Ross Kemp and his Sky One TV News documentary team spent a year with British soldiers in Afghanistan. [Ross Kemp has also done a series on NeoNazi Russian gangs who are trained in street fighting.]

The Telegraph (1-19-08) has an article about the documentary which began on British television on 1-21-08.

For a year, Ross Kemp travelled with the British battalion his father had once served in called The Royal Anglians. They are nicknamed the Vikings and are based at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan’s Helmand province.

Friends of these soldiers were accidently hit and killed by American friendly fire. The Vikings were very upset, but said that these tragedies happen in war. They said that the Americans are usually very accurate in their bombing. Still, a lot of terrible mistakes always happen in war.

Episode 1, part 1
Episode 1, part 2
Episode 1, part 3
Episode 1, part 4
Episode 1, part 5
Episode 1, part 6
Episode 1, part 7

Episode 2, part 1
Episode 2, part 2
Episode 2, part 3
Episode 2, part 4
Episode 2, part 5
Episode 2, part 6

Episode 3, part 1
Episode 3, part 2
Episode 3, part 3
Episode 3, part 4
Episode 3, part 5
Episode 3, part 6
Episode 3, part 7

Episode 4, part 1 (American bombers accidentally bomb the British while on a mision to help them against the Taliban.)
Episode 4, part 2
Episode 4, part 3
Episode 4, part 4 (The British soldiers say that the Americans give the British a lot of good air support, but this time something went wrong. The soldiers are critical of the British media for saying that "the Americans are bombing our soldiers again." They feel the media are just trying to sell papers.)
Episode 4, part 5


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