Sunday, August 24, 2008

Glenn Spagnuolo's "Anti-War" Rally and March to the DNC Site

Photo of Recreate 68 founder Glenn "Defend Denver" Spagnuolo

Not too many people showed up today for Glenn Spagnuolo's Recreate 68 "anti war" rally and march to the DNC convention site in Denver. Today's march is the first of perhaps five Recreate 68 events in Denver during the DNC.

Today's (8-24-08) Drunkablog carries pictures of Glenn Spagnuolo, a professional revolutionary. A story or update may follow later. Drunka often covers Spagnuolo's antics and sometimes calls Spagnuolo "Spagz" or "Spags," if you do a search.

I also saw the drama-queen Glenn on FOX News wearing his black "Defend Denver" T-shirt with the machine gun emblazoned on his chest.

Glenn, who recently lost his "free speech" case in federal court, got covert help on his Recreate 68 Internet site from another member of Ward Churchill's brain trust, Ben Whitmer.

Recreate 68 claims it is non-violent, but Westword (7-29-08) reports that during the "DNC Security Trial":

The defense presented [Recreate 68 organizer and spokesman Mark Cohen] with an e-booklet pulled from the R-68 website called “Bodyhammer: Tactics and Self-defense for the Modern Protester” that explains how to create shields, improvised body armor and special techniques for charging police lines. Cohen testified that the website is run by R-68 members Glenn Spagnuolo and Tryworks blogger Benjamin Whitmer.

Drunkablog (8-1-08) has also reported on Ben Whitmer's hush-hush role in the Recreate 68 organization.

Ben is known for babbling complete nonsense such as:

Constitutional rights ain’t contingent on what some shitheel judge says. That goes for the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, and every amendment thereafter. We have rights which ain’t bound by any pig, judge or otherwise.

If we lived in the People's Republic of Whitmer instead of the real world, we could just go to Ben Whitmer and dump federal court in the ashcan of history. We wouldn't need to teach Constitutional Law. We wouldn't need Constitutional lawyers or federal judges, either. We would just go to Ben Whitmer's blog. He is such an idiot!

In my opinion, the main goal of Recreate 68's leaders is to instigate violence along the lines of the Chicago Democratic National Convention in 1968. They aren't really "peace activists" at all; they are communist revolutionaries whose goal is to make government and law enforcement look repressive. Peace is just one of their rope-a-dope slogans.

A FOX TV reporter tried to ask the demonstrators their views, but they mostly used their free speech to scream profanity. Perhaps the demonstrators were disappointed that the promised cast of tens of thousands didn't show up. Or perhaps they are just a mob of losers who think politics is made in the street instead of at the ballot box.

FOX News reports (8-24-08):

About 1,000 anti-war protesters marched toward the site of the Democratic National Convention Sunday in Denver, in the first of at least five such rallies planned this week by the group Recreate 68.

The rally began with just a couple hundred demonstrators Sunday morning outside the Colorado State Capitol building, but swiftly grew as they began their trek toward the Pepsi Center, which is under heavy security with the convention set to begin Monday.

...Though demonstrators joined under the common cause of ending the war, they also spoke out in favor of abortion rights and against torture, imperialism and the election process.

“I think [the Re-create 68 events are] going to get everyone together and feeling the same thing,” [Colorado Springs demonstrator Bryan] Ostren said.

Meanwhile, police officers in riot gear patrolled on bicycles and foot along the route.

The protesters marched as thousands of delegates, reporters and politicians descended on the Western city.


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