Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Canada Refuses Weather Underground Bomber William Ayers Entry! [UPDATE: Says Billy Ayers!]

"[Barack Obama] is a talented and well-educated and erudite and articulate guy and he wrote two really brilliant and well-written memoirs. But somebody [Jack Cashill] did a textual analysis that proved that the nautical images in Fugitive Days were similar to [Obama's Dreams from My Father] and I was the ghostwriter...It's amazing where the paranoid mind can take you."---Weather Underground Terrorist Billy Ayers (Salon 11-17-08, page 2)

UPDATE: Bill Ayers damns himself out of his own mouth. He just told the Canadian MSM that he didn't know why he had been refused entry into Canada, but he has written on the Internet that he often has problems at the Canadian border! He claims that he knows the reason: the Canadians have false information that he was convicted of a 1969 felony. Really, you can't believe anything Bill Ayers says. I think it is even possible that the terrorist drama queen Billy Ayers just claims he has problems at the Canadian border. We only have Billy's word that he was refused entry at the Canadian border.

Ayers (7-16-05) wrote:

On July 2, 2005 I took a flight from Chicago to western Canada where I was scheduled to give a lecture to a group of teachers at the University of Calgary. Clearing customs, I was directed to Immigration where a growing line of anxious or impatient arrivals -- mostly dark-skinned, mostly young, I the glaring exception -- awaited further examination.

This has become a common-place for me whenever I travel to Canada -- I'm always diverted and delayed, always questioned about my anticipated length of stay and the nature of my business, always double-checked. Whenever I've asked why I'm being subjected to this special treatment, the reply has always been the same: "Just a routine check."

Original post:

The Weather Underground terrorist-bomber and University of Illinios at Chicago Professor of Education Bill Ayers [scroll down to read all posts, especially about the bombing murder of Brian McDonnell] was refused entry into Toronto, Canada on Saturday night (1-17-09) because Canadian border security reportedly considered him a security risk. I wonder why Canada is refusing Ayers entry just before the inauguation of Mr. Barack Obama? Maybe they know something we don't know.

Ayers, who has a sense of humor, reportedly complained to Canada's Globe and Mail newspaper that he "has travelled to Canada more than a dozen times in the past," but he's not doing that anymore! Finally, change I can believe in!

It's interesting that this is happening right before the inauguration, because the writer Dr. Jack Cashill believes that Bill Ayers ghostwrote parts of President-Elect Obama's biography Dreams From My Father.

Even though I don't like to believe this accusation is true, I think Dr. Cashill has a point because---like Bill Ayers---I have read Obama's "brilliant" book Dreams from My Father. The tone, style, imagery, diction, descriptions, and incidents in this book do echo Ayers' dishonest but well-written book Fugitive Days.

Bill Ayers mocked Dr. Cashill's theory as "paranoid" but did not flatly deny that he had a hand in the book's creation. I wonder if our incoming President will flatly either admit or deny that he had help with his autobiography from the infamous communist bomber Bill Ayers. If its true, he should come clean right away and explain what's going on. I certainly understand how the charming sociopath Bill Ayers manipulates people.

Fox News (1-19-09) writes:

William Ayers, the 1960s radical whose ties to President-elect Barack Obama caused trouble for his campaign, was turned away from Canada Sunday night as he tried to enter the country for a series of educational events.

Jeffrey Kugler, the executive director for the Center for Urban Schooling at the University of Toronto, said Ayers was deemed not admissible after being pulled aside by Canadian immigration officials while trying to clear customs at the Toronto airport.

Ayers had been invited to speak before the center. He was also scheduled to meet with the Toronto District School Board and do interviews with Canadian television and radio stations, Kugler said...

Ayers, a co-founder of the violent Weather Underground group and current education professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, told the Toronto Star that he didn't know why he had been turned away. [See full text]


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