Thursday, January 22, 2009

Meet Billy Ayers' Canadian Mouthpiece Marina Jimenez

"[Barack Obama] is a talented and well-educated and erudite and articulate guy and he wrote two really brilliant and well-written memoirs. But somebody [Jack Cashill] did a textual analysis that proved that the nautical images in Fugitive Days were similar to [Obama's Dreams from My Father] and I was the ghostwriter...It's amazing where the paranoid mind can take you."---Weather Underground Terrorist Billy Ayers (Salon 11-17-08, page 2)

This a a photo of a Toronto Globe and Mail reporter named Marina Jimenez. She writes on immigration issues. She wrote an article (1-19-09) that claims that the Weather Underground terrorist Billy Ayers was refused entry into Canada on Saturday, January 17, 2009. The article quoted Billy Ayers and his crew, but we haven't heard what the Canadian authorities say happened.

The Chicago Tribune (1-19-09) writes:

Canada Border Services Agency spokeswoman Anna Page said the agency couldn't comment on the case because of privacy laws. Page said any traveler coming to Canada needs to satisfy a border services agency officer about their admissibility.

I think maybe Jimenez has now changed/updated her Globe and Mail (1-19-09) article. The article now claims that Ayers was refused entry once before in 2005, but I am almost certain that this information was not in the earlier version of her article. The point of the earlier version was that Billy had been permitted to enter Canada a dozen times with no problems.

Maybe the Canadian writer Stephen Taylor (1-20-09) [also posted on his blog] showed Ms. Jimenez that Billy wrote an article claiming that he had problems entering Canada in 2005.

I think that Ms. Jimenez and Mr. Taylor should really consider the possibility that Billy Ayers has never been refused entry into Canada. Since the Canadian government can't comment, Billy might be fabricating these stories about being refused entry just to make himself into a martyr.

You really can't believe Billy Ayers. He lies. See my earlier posts about this mystery here and here.


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