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Leonard Peltier Denied Parole!

"[U.S Attorney Drew] Wrigley said Peltier's past criminal conduct while behind bars was a factor in the Parole Commission's decision. In 1979, Peltier escaped for a time in California, and he also has had numerous infractions in prison, some of them drug-related.

Wrigley also said that Peltier 'has neither accepted responsibility for the murders nor shown any remorse.'"--LA Times (8-21-09) [See also U.S. Attorney Wrigley's press release "Leonard Peltier Denied Parole" (8-21-09).]

UPDATED on August 22 and 23.

Leonard Peltier, who viciously and callously executed two young FBI agents on June 26, 1975, has been denied parole. News From Indian Country has the story and a page with a series of articles about Leonard Peltier. NFIC notes on that page:

Many of the most revealing updates on Leonard Peltier can be found in the Annie Mae Pictou Aquash time lines and information that has emerged since 2004.

So far, I don't think that the dishonest and discredited ex-professor Ward Churchill, reportedly a "past national spokesperson for the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee," has commented on the parole commission's ruling against Leonard Peltier. In fact, when I scrolled down and searched for "Peltier" using the "find on this page" feature at the Blogspot site called Friends of Peltier, after first searching the blog for posts that mention "Churchill" (early AM on Saturday, August 22, 2009), I noticed that this "Leonard Peltier" site seems to be constantly supporting Ward Churchill; but I can't find posts where Ward Churchill supports Leonard Peltier. [Click on this link to posts that mention Churchill, click on "edit" and seach for "Peltier" using the "find on this page" feature.]

When the ignominious Ward Churchill claimed in his dishonest book Agents of Repression (241) that the two murdered FBI agents died "Custer-like--in their self-made trap," he disparaged and denigrated these innocent young victims of terrorism in exactly the same way that he disparaged and denigrated the 9-11 victims as "little Eichmanns."

The No Parole Peltier Association describes that horrible day when Leonard Peltier and others ambushed and then executed two badly wounded FBI agents by shooting them at close range. Here is the official FBI account of the murders and pictures of the two young men. I have written about this vicious double murder in several posts, but especially here and here.

This video posted on YouTube by Ed Wood's No Parole Peltier Association tells the truth about what happened and exposes Peltier's lies: Peltier damns himself right out of his own mouth because the moronic, murdering sociopath keeps changing his story.

This video by Richard Two Elk [see also his media company OG Productions] and a commentary are also posted at No Parole Peltier, which explains:

Richard Two Elk is a direct descendent of Oglala Dakota Chief Two Elk and has devoted much of his life to research, education and lecturing on Native American traditions, history and social issues. To learn more about Richard Two Elk and the American Indian Movement, see the definitive history of AIM, Wounded Knee II and Resmurs in American Indian Mafia by Joseph H. Trimbach and John Trimbach.

Two Elk's video was originally posted at American Indian Mafia under the title "Leonard Peltier: In His Own Words." The Realplayer video is titled "Ima Thug" and the artist is identified as Richard Two Elk.

Here is the story in the Los Angeles Times (8-21-09). U.S. Attorney Drew Wrigley said:

"Leonard Peltier is an unrepentant, cold-blooded murderer who executed FBI special agents Williams and Coler, and in doing that he tore them from their families and from their communities forever...Leonard Peltier is exactly where he belongs — federal prison, serving two life sentences."

The former FBI agent Joseph H. Trimbach also testified eloquently at Peltier's parole hearing. Mr. Trimbach and his son John are the authors of American Indian Mafia: An FBI Agent's True Story ABout Wounded Knee, Leonard Peltier, and the American Indian Movement (AIM).

The official response of the FBI (8-21-09) follows:

FBI Responds to United States Parole Commission Decision to Deny Parole to Leonard Peltier

Statement of Thomas J. Harrington, Executive Assistant Director, FBI Criminal, Cyber, Response, and Services Branch:

The FBI family has never forgotten the ultimate sacrifice made by FBI Special Agents Jack Coler and Ronald Williams, and we fully support the decision of the United States Parole Commission to deny parole to Leonard Peltier. His callous criminal acts demonstrated a complete disrespect for human life and for the law. His time served in jail for their 1975 murders has not diminished the brutality of his crimes or the pain and sorrow felt by the families of his victims or the FBI family.

Read Harrington’s July 28, 2009 request for denial of parole for Leonard Peltier.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

For research purposes I am greatly interested in Oglala Dakota Chief Two Elk (as mentioned in this article). Could anyone please direct me to a website or other resource where I could find some more information about Chief Two Elk? Many thanks in advance! Kind regards, Nicky (from Australia) (

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Blogger Snapple said...

Richard Two Elk can be reached by contacting the Trimbachs because he helped with their book.

His evidence is helping convict Anna Mae's killers.

Go to and ask James Simon.

Here is their contact link page.

I don't think Mr. Two Elk is a chief. Probably he lives in Denver.

I think this is Mr. Two Elk's website.

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