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9-11 Truther Michael Ruppert Fined Over 127 Thousand Dollars for Sexual Harassment

"State labor commissioner, Brad Avakian, says Ruppert continually propositioned Lindsay Gerken – one time walking into her office wearing nothing but his underwear and a smile."---OBP News (9-21-09)

UPDATE: Welcome Screw Loose Change readers!

UPDATE: Read the Oregon Bureau of Labor sexual harassment decision against 9-11 Truther Michael Ruppert. Among other things, Ruppert subjected his employee to pornography:

In the Matter of FROM THE WILDERNESS, INC dba From the Wilderness Publications and Michael Ruppert as employer proxy, (Sept. 16, 2009) Case No. 39-08. The Agency alleged and established, by a preponderance of credible evidence, that Respondent, through its proxy Michael Ruppert, Respondent's president and sole shareholder, subjected Complainant to offensive and unwelcome sexual conduct that created a hostile and intimidating work environment, in violation of ORS 659A.030(1)(b), then discharged Complainant in retaliation for her complaint about the sexual conduct, in violation of ORS 659A.030(1)(f). The forum concluded that Respondent was liable for Ruppert’s sexual harassment and awarded Complainant $2,713.42 in back wages and $125,000 for emotional and mental suffering damages.

Michael Ruppert, a former California policeman who became a 9-11 "Truther," has been ordered, following a hearing before an administrative law judge of the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries to pay more than 127 thousand dollars for sexually harassing a former employee. Ruppert, a conspiracist who alleged that the Bush Administration orchestrated the 9-11 attacks, based his fantastic claims partly on the fabrications of the incarcerated Denver child pornographer Delmart Vreeland. [See an article on his site about Vreeland by "Truther" Sander Hicks here.]

The Ashland Daily Tidings (9-24-09) reports:

Former Ashland businessman Michael Ruppert says he is innocent of sexually harassing a former employee and may appeal a state labor board ruling that he pay her $127,713.

Ruppert said the case was based on a deliberate attempt to discredit his work, a movie coming out about his views and his former newsletter, From The Wilderness...

State Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian...this month ordered Ruppert to pay $125,000 in damages and $2,713 in lost wages to former employee Lindsay Gerken, 25. She claimed Rupert fired her from work at his company, From the Wilderness Inc., after she refused his sexual advances. [Full text]

According to OBP News (9-21-09):

An Ashland-based journalist has been fined more than $120,000 for sexually harassing and then firing a 25-year-old employee.

Michael Ruppert blogs, writes books, and is the subject of a new documentary film: Collapse. For a time he operated his magazine From the Wilderness in Ashland.

State labor commissioner, Brad Avakian, says Ruppert continually propositioned Lindsay Gerken – one time walking into her office wearing nothing but his underwear and a smile.

Brad Avakian: “We had one of our investigators do a thorough investigation. And after finding evidence that he had done these things...Michael Ruppert represented himself at the trial and the judge found against him.”

Avakian says Ruppert continually had conversations of a sexual nature in the office and left the woman frightened.

He says Ruppert then fired her for turning him down and then tried to trash her reputation on the internet. [Full Text]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The final decision (9/16/09) in the Ruppert-FTW sexual harassment case, 79 pages of gory detail, is posted at:

The index page for this decision can be found at:

The decision includes the text of a long memo from Ruppert to Gerkin, which Ruppert describes as mentoring, and which Ruppert signs with: Love, Mike. Many other putrid details.

2:54 PM  
Blogger Snapple said...

Thanks anon. I will check it out.

4:54 PM  
Blogger Boris Epstein said...

All this is is an administrative decision by an executive body ( Ogregon's Bureau of Labor and Industries ), not a court sentence of any kind. I have no personal knowledge of the matter and hence no opinion regarding this; however, this sort of move would be a classical way to persecute a dissident. This comes straight out of the COINTELPRO book.

2:32 PM  
Blogger Snapple said...


Ward Churchill's COINTELPRO fantasies are garbage. He was fired for fabricating his research.

Churchill published essays in a KGB-financed mouthpiece called the Covert Action Information Bulletin.

Go away, you retard.

4:18 PM  
Anonymous Len said...

Ruppert follows in the footsteps of another in famous truther:

"at the end of the 2004 academic year, Fetzer was suspended for several weeks for a purported incident of sexual harassment. (Fetzer admitted that he had a conflict with a female staff member at UMD, but denied there was a sexual component.)"

Hmmm, he "denied there was a sexual component" but later he basically admitted it:

"It is the case that I had a falling out with a 60-year old member of the staff, who was not under my supervision but had been a graduate student of mine. We had had an inappropriate relationship that spanned some 18 months. For reasons that I do not profess to understand, she turned on me and accused me of sexually harassing her. I have not sexually harassed anyone and probably nothing would have come of it except that she was the Chancellor's "best buddy" and I was hung out to dry."

He was more explicit on a YahooGroup but you need to be a member to read the messages:

"And I have also been more successful with women. I had
(what my wife regards as) an inappropriate relationship with a member of the staff, who was also married, the Chancellor's best friend. When she turned on me (for reasons I do not remotely understand), the Chancellor hung me out to dry--and he is even envious of that!"

9:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should check also, Brian Good from Palo Alto California, who was harassing Green Party Activist Carol Brouillet. She said:The attacks have to do with Brian Good and Carol
Brouillet and are completely emotional. You have a crush on me and
erroneously hold delusions about me. You are being irrationally
jealous of Kevin and William. You cannot accept the fact that I am
happily married and refuse to allow you to TRY to cause trouble
between my husband and I. Because of your delusions, I cannot ever
feel "safe" in your presence alone, and would rather not see you
again, but you are so desperate for attention that you are doing
extremely negative, destructive things- attacking me and respected
members of the 9/11 Truth Movement to force me to pay attention to

Brian as a self appointed activist who was working also for Richard Gage's Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Link:
Even controversial 9/11 activist, Kevin Barrett had this to say about Brian Good: ""Brian Good" is probably the most hilariously dubious character in the whole 9/11 truth movement. Truth and justice activist Carol Brouillet reports that Brian volunteered to do the grunt work for her group, then started sexually stalking and harassing her. She should have had him charged, convicted, and imprisoned. Instead, she very firmly showed him the door."

12:11 AM  
Blogger Sean said...

This is another case where narcissism outweighs moral integrity.

Really, you have no right to take advantage of others, regardless if your message is right, wrong, or downright kooky.

I find it funny how Mike Ruppert likes to impart the wrong-doings of others and here he is, caught with his pants down for grossly illegal sexual misconduct.

Oh the hypocrisy!

10:54 AM  

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