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9-11 Truther Hero Delmart Vreeland Locked Up for Molesting Colorado Boys

"[Delmart] Vreeland was arrested in October 2004 for numerous charges including child prostitution. Witnesses reported that Vreeland provided drugs and alcohol to two teenage boys, and then induced them to perform sex acts and make child pornography for the promise of thousands of dollars and a drum set."---The Denver Channel (10-24-08)

UPDATE (9-26-09): 9-11 "Truther" Michael Ruppert found guilty of sexual harassment. [9-11 "Truther" Michael Ruppert championed the child pornographer Delmart Vreeland as a source for his 9-11 conspiracy theories. Basically, he subjected his employee to pornography.]

The wild-eyed child Denver-area pornographer and drug dealer Delmart Vreeland (above) was arrested in 2004 and convicted in 2006 of charges such as inducement of child prostitution, sexual assault, sexual exploitation of children, and distribution of cocaine. Vreeland is a hero to some 9-11 Truthers.

"Truthers" are people who believe that President Bush and/or elements of the U.S. government were complicit in 9-11. "Truthers" have linked-up in the so-called "9-11 Truth Movement."

David Corn of The Nation (5-30-02) has written a lengthy article about the backgrounds of the "Truthers" Delmart Vreeland and Michael Ruppert. News articles and court records about the con man Vreeland have been compiled here. (Give this site time to load.) A blog called Screw Loose Change reports on the activities of the Truthers and debunks their crackpot "science" and fabrications.

Delmart Vreeland is a hero to the mendacious "Truther" Sander Hicks (pictured in the center), who used Vreeland as a "source" for his ridiculous 2005 "Truther" book The Big Wedding and depicted this con man, habitual criminal, and sex offender as a secret agent for the U.S. Navy who supposedly was "framed" because he foretold 9-11 from his Canadian prison cell.

Sander Hick's ridiculous book and his vile kiddie porn "source" Delmart Vreeland are glorified in a nauseating book review by the mendacious Muslim "Truther" Kevin Barrett. In an article he purportedly authored, Hicks describes a meeting he had in Toronto, Canada with Vreeland. [This article was published in From the Wilderness, which was published by Michael Ruppert. Ruppert has just been fined for sexual harassment. He tried to make his employee look at pornography and other disgusting things.]

In fact, "intelligence operative" Vreeland is really a Denver-area child pornographer who molested two boys and was sentenced in 2006 to 336 years to life in prison. [Hat Tip Screw Loose Change: "Delmart "Mike" Vreeland: 9-11 Troofer and Kiddie Porn Producer."] Vreeland masqueraded as a 9-11 "whistleblower" so that he could claim that the government was framing him.

Hicks has a bad habit of bonding with violent criminals who are--to put it delicately--unreliable sources. Micropublisher Hicks also published a book about George W. Bush called Fortunate Son by the late author and car-bomber James H. Hatfield.

The late James H. Hatfield was a convicted Dallas car-bomber, a financial swindler, a jailbird, and the author of a book on the X Files. Hatfield was the self-published author of a James Bond thriller titled The Killing Zone (Bond dies!) that Hatfield slyly attributed, in the book's forward, to the licensed publisher of the James Bond series.

Reporter Pete Slover of the Dallas Morning News was one of the journalists who exposed Hatfield. [Google "Pete Slover" Hatfield.] Hatfield's criminal career was also exposed by 60 Minutes and the Washington Post.

Hatfield, who served time in a federal prison because he was convicted of soliciting another criminal to car-bomb his supervisor's car (solicitation of capital murder) in the Dallas Cotton Exchange parking garage, claimed in Fortunate Son that George Bush was arrested for cocaine possession. The blockbuster cocaine allegation was appended to the end of Hatfield's book and caused a scandal before Bush's first election. The book was withdrawn by St. Martin's Press when they learned of Hatfield's criminal history and reissued by Sander Hicks, who ran a micropublishing company called Soft Skull Press. The ludicrous and sordid tale of the car-bomber's misbegotten book, which Hicks subsequently reissued with some changes, is also recounted by the Texas Monthly (December 1999) in an article called "Bio Hazard: Exposing the disgraced author of a discredited book on George W."

In a press conference, but not in the book, Hicks and Hatfield subsequently claimed that the book's anonymous source for the cocaine allegation was none other than Karl Rove, who supposedly disclosed this damaging secret about the President to the convicted car-bomber while they were sitting in a boat on an Arkansas lake.

While he was still on parole for soliciting a car bombing, Hatfield was rearrested for a computer crime; so he killed himself with an overdose of prescription medicine. He didn't want to go back to prison for life. The two people in the wired car survived the blast because the bomb blew out instead of into the passenger area. Hatfield wrote in his book that the man he hired to place the bomb was "not the sharpest knife in the drawer." Hatfield wrote about his intended victim in the introduction of his book: "Nobody liked her anyway."

The conspiracist Hatfield may have even written some garbled pre-9-11 "James Bond" fantasy about Bin Laden and George Bush, according to this article, which was purportedly authored by Hatfield and re-posted after his death.

After Hatfield's suicide, Hicks wrote a semi-autobiographical play titled Sarcoxie and Sealove (2003). The play's "hero" is a Black Bloc anarchist named Sealove who bears a strong resemblance to Sander Hicks. Sealove pursues a political candidate (George W. Bush) and orders the candidate to take off his shirt at the close of the play (Scene 10) so he can be fitted with a noose and hanged by a "people's tribunal." Ironically, the late car-bomber Hatfield (who died before 9-11) appears as a ghost named Coby and confronts the candidate (George W. Bush) with some 9-11 Truther nonsense. It's pretty ironic that Hicks has a convicted car-bomber who went to prison for solicitation of capital murder blame the Bush Administration for the 9-11 bombings.

Hicks has evidently moved on since 1999. He now uses a child pornographer as a source for his "research" on President Bush's alleged complicity in 9-11. Although Hicks has criticized torture at Abu Ghraib, it doesn't seem to faze him that his "source" for the "truth" about 9-11 is an international criminal who victimized two boys. Also, if Hicks' nemesis George W. Bush was capable of bombing thousands of Americans with airplanes on 9-11, why are "whistleblower" Truthers--especially a chronic irritant like Sander Hicks--still walking around alive? Why aren't the Truthers shot or poisoned with polonium like the Russians who accused Putin of blowing up Russian apartments in 1999 to provide a pretext for the Second Chechen War?

One notes that Hicks' moral outrage about 9-11 bombings is not very sincere. After all, he expressed no moral outrage about his partner the convicted bomber James H. Hatfield.

UPDATE (10-4-09) Hicks's newest conspiracy theory is about the anthrax mailings. On Youtube (September 2, 2009), Hicks is even accusing an early FBI suspect in the anthrax mailings, Stephen Hatfill, of being "clearly a fascist" who used anthrax to kill black people in Africa. Hicks characterizes the science used to uncover the anthrax mailer as "pseudo-science," "junk science" and "joke science."

Denver Channel 7 News (10-24-08) reports the lurid details about the fabricator Delmart Vreeland, who reminds me a lot of the late James H. Hatfield.

International Criminal Gets Prison For Child Sex Crimes

Delmart Vreeland Claimed To Have Advance Knowledge Of Sept. 11 Attacks

A man with an international following has been sentenced to 336 years to life in prison after he was convicted of luring two boys into performing sex acts and making child pornography.

Delmart Edward Vreeland, 42, of the Cottonwood subdivision in Douglas County, was convicted in 2006 of 13 felony charges, including inducement of child prostitution, sexual assault, sexual exploitation of children, and distribution of cocaine. Earlier this year, he was convicted of six habitual criminal counts.

Vreeland was arrested in October 2004 for numerous charges including child prostitution. Witnesses reported that Vreeland provided drugs and alcohol to two teenage boys, and then induced them to perform sex acts and make child pornography for the promise of thousands of dollars and a drum set. The victims reported Vreeland to the Douglas County Sheriff's Office.

Detectives conducted an extensive background search on Vreeland and learned that he was wanted in several states and Canada. He has over 40 aliases and an extensive criminal history dating back over 20 years.

Vreeland posted bond and cut off his ankle bracelet, fleeing the state. Detectives tracked him down in Iowa and brought him back to Colorado.

Douglas County authorities called Vreeland an international "folk hero" and conspiracy theorist who claimed that while he was incarcerated in a Canadian Jail in 2001 he forewarned Canadian officials of the terror attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

Vreeland has claimed to be a U.S. spy, a covert operative, and a Naval Intelligence Officer, all of which have been proven false, according to investigators. U.S. Naval records show that in 1986 Vreeland was kicked out of basic training for his inability to conform to military regulations.

Vreeland has continually claimed to have information on terror plots and high profile murder and kidnapping cases. However, Douglas County detectives and the FBI state that Vreeland's claims have no merit, and he is not a credible source of information...[See full text]

See other articles about Vreeland:
Parker Chronicle (10-29-08)
CBS4Denver (10-24-08)


Blogger White Eagle said...

Wow, so this is what happened to the guy. Looks like he really went downhill. That or there was a masterfull frame up job, I suspect though that he did do what he was convicted of.

On another matter though, one problem. He didn't lie about being a naval intelligence officer. That was proved in front of witnesses in court. He was not thown out of the Navy.

So what is true and what isn't may still be up in the air for a long time. Either way, he predicted 9 11 BEFORE it happened.

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