Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration Launches a New Website: Climate Services (

NOAA Launches a New Website: the NOAA Climate Portal!

The National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has launched a new website, Climate Services ( The new site will be known as the NOAA Climate Portal.

The NOAA Climate Portal provides the perspective of highly-educated climate scientists and will hopefully provide a corrective to the views of certain junk-science bloggers who propagate the view that global warming is a scientific hoax perpetrated by greedy socialists who want to steal our money and seize power.

These bloggers' fictions sound to me like they emerged from the overcoat of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's ruling United Russia party. [See Climategate: A Noxious Slurry of Dirty Tricks and Illegal "Hactivities."]

The main NOAA site has posted a press release about the goals and features of Climate Services ( According to the press release 2-8-10):

NOAA is also unveiling today a new Web site – – that serves as a single point-of-entry for NOAA’s extensive climate information, data, products and services. Known as the NOAA Climate Portal, the site addresses the needs of five broadly-defined user groups: decision makers and policy leaders, scientists and applications-oriented data users, educators, business users and the public.


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