Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"Vicious Spies and Killers under the Mask of Academic Physicians" (Pravda 1-13-53)

This January 1953 cartoon from the Soviet humor magazine Krokodil (Crocodile) shows a doctor being unmasked as a poisoner of the Soviet political and military leadership. Money from foreign intelligence agencies is falling out of the doctor's pocket.

Today global warming denialists are spreading paranoid conspiracy theories about "dishonest" climate scientists fabricating their scientific research in order to take over the world. The denialists call global warming a "hoax," but really the denialists are spreading the hoax. The denialists can't back up their claims with peer-reviewed research, so they mischaracterize what climate scientists write and gloat over small errors.

The denialists accuse the scientists of being greedy for government funds, but the denialists get money from the fossil fuel companies. Some denialists even stole emails from the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, posted the emails on the Internet, and mischaracterized what the emails said. Denialists call the climate scientists "extremists," but really the denialists are the extremists.

The denialist conspiracy theories are spread by organizations and individuals such as Pravda, Russia Today, Fox News, Senator James Inhofe, Inhofe's former aid Marc Morano, Putin's former Advisor Andrei Illarionov (on the Libertarian CATO Institute site), Lord Monckton (on the Science and Public Policy site), The Heartland Institute, Virginia's Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, and even some some 9-11 Truth Movement sites.

For example, the 9-11 Truther newspaper Rock Creek Free Press has posted an article by its editor Matt Sullivan titled "Climategate: Science Scandal of the Century: The World’s Most Influential Climate Scientists Get Caught “Fudging” the Data."

A Truther in Australia named John P. Costella has posted an article titled "Climategate-analysis." The article is part of a 9-11 conspiracy site called

The vast conspiracies that people like Senator Inhofe, Marc Morano, Lord Monckton, Attorney General Cuccinelli, Andrei Illarionov, their meretricious fossil fuel sponsors, and the Truthers have supposedly nosed out are evidently led by the National Research Council of the National Academies, the CIA, the Pentagon, the U.S. Global Change Research Program, the United Nations, and the Vatican. In fact, of course, these organizations are all trying to prepare our people and the entire world for the consequences of global warming, and they need our help.

I believe the climate scientists, not paid mouthpieces who post stolen emails on a Russian server. I have seen that the denialists mischaracterize and falsify the research of the climate scientists. In other words, the denialists don't quote what the scientists actually say honestly. They don't debate honestly. They have lied to me.

The denialists' paranoid conspiracy theories about the plots of climate scientists reminds me of the anti-Semitic conspiracy theories in that infamous fabrication, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. This literary hoax is about Jews plotting to take over the world. The denialists' conspiracy theories also remind me of a number of past attacks on science and scientists that have been mounted by the Soviet government.

Today, I am going to post a link to an article that appeared in Pravda on January 13, 1953 during Stalin's rule. This article is the beginning of the infamous "Doctors' Plot." According to this conspiracy theory, "killer doctors" (Jews) "dishonored the holy banner of science" by using their scientific expertise in an attempt to exterminate the Soviet leadership. People now laugh at this propaganda, but it is not so different than the attacks being made on our climate scientists today.

The infamous Pravda article is titled "Vicious Spies and Killers under the Mask of Academic Physicians" (1-13-53).

When I read what the global warming denialists write about our great scientists, it reminds me of this Pravda article. I am not going to let dishonest denialists persecute and intimidate our scientists. We need our scientists to be free to concentrate on their research so we will know how to prepare for global warming and how to mitigate its consequences.


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