Friday, July 30, 2010

Earth to Ken: Virginia's Shameless Attorney General Crookenelli Finally Turns Over Suspicious Campaign Donations to Legitimate Veterans' Charities

"[E]fforts aimed at deliberate climate change are not a the nearest future Russia – together with the rest of the world – will face a new generation of threats. At the moment the climate weapons may be reaching their target capacity and used to provoke droughts, to erase crops, and to induce various anomalous phenomena in certain countries."---the very latest trend in petrostate propaganda

The Washington Post is reporting here and here that Virginia's Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is finally donating the 55,000 dollars given to him by Bobby Thompson, the director of a mysterious Florida-based "charity" called "the U.S. Navy Veterans' Association," to legitimate veterans' charities.

Other politicians who benefitted from the bogus Florida "charity" donated their money to legitimate charities a long time ago. Attorney General Cuccinelli, on the other hand, is very slow to notice the screamingly obvious signs of criminal fraud when he is the beneficiary; but he is quick to accuse climate scientists of fraud based on stolen emails posted on the server of an "Internet security company" in Tomsk, Russia. Tomsk is a place where there are a lot of "patriotic hackers" who attack the petrostate's enemies in order to damage or compromise them.

The Post claims Mr. Cuccinelli is bowing to pressure from Democrats, but this is not the whole truth. Republicans---or rather former Republicans like me---have also been very critical of Cuccinelli's use of government funds to persecute the climate scientist Michael Mann and of Cuccinelli's willingness to hang on to money from the shady "charity" operated by the vanished Bobby Thompson.

We don't know the origins of the money Thompson dolled out to Cuccinelli and other politicians because Thompson fabricated so many identities. In at least one case, a donation to an Ohio politician was made by appropriating the identity of a Cincinnati man who was also named Bobby Thompson and who was falsely identified as the director of the U.S. Navy Veterans "charity":

The St. Petersburg Times (7-15-10) reports:

In 2006, Ohio politician Betty Montgomery reported a $500 contribution to her 2006 campaign for attorney general from U.S. Navy Veterans director Bobby C. Thompson. His address was listed at 934 Smiley Ave., Cincinnati.

A Bobby Thompson did live there, just not Bobby C. Thompson. It was Bobby no-middle-initial Thompson, a 67-year-old retired metalworker who says he lived in that Smiley Avenue house with his wife, Ernestine, during all of 2006, but he never wrote a campaign check to anyone.

"I ain't never been in the Army, ain't never been in the Navy, ain't never been in the Air Force, ain't never been in the Marines, and I don't make contributions,'' he said. "And I have a problem with this."

For all we know, the $55,000 donated to Cuccinelli could have originated with the political operatives of fossil fuel interests who want Cuccinelli to intimidate global warming scientists. Bobby Thompson's bogus "charity" could have been laundering money from the political operatives of fossil fuel companies to Attorney General Cuccinelli, for all we know. They might want to help finance Cuccinelli because he persecutes climate scientists. Hopefully, the authorities will get to the bottom of this mystery.

Global warming denialists often claim that the scientists who study global warming are "commies," and that global warming is a scientific "hoax" to seize our money and expanded political power; but I notice that the Russian tabloid Pravda claims that global warming is a scientific hoax, so I think I'll believe what NOAA, NASA, and other scientific organizations tell me, not Pravda and that hypocritical "law officer" and persecutor of scientists, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.

Although thepetrostate's ruling party is the Unity Party (Единство, Yedinstvo) and not the Communist Party, the Kremlin-financed English-language Russia Today Satellite T.V. provided a platform for prominent Western global warming denialists such as Lord Monckton before the Copenhagen climate summit.

The Russian petrostate is very influenced by the huge natural gas and oil monopoly Gazprom. Many former KGB officers went to work for Gazprom, and not because they know how to drill for gas in Russia's thawing permafrost. Gazprom does double duty as an outpost for Russia's state security, and Russia's President Medvedev is the former chairman of the board of Gazprom. A lot of Russian media is owned by Gazprom.

The Russian bosses and the Russian people know there is global warming. The permafrost and Arctic ice are thawing. The Russian intelligence even hires outside analysts to study the problem and predict the consequences. The Russians just haven't decided that they want to contribute to international efforts to mitigate global warming. This is no surprise, since the Gazprom bosses are very powerful in Russia. We have a similar problem with American politicians who are on the take from fossil fuel companies.

But global warming is happening, so I think these Russian and American politicians are not very patriotic. They are not considering the future of their countries' people and the world. Instead of spinning moronic denialist hoaxes and wasting time, all the politicians in the world should be working with scientists to educate us and develop strategies to meet this challenge.

Perhaps it is time for Mr. Cuccinelli to pack up his tinfoil hat and stop persecuting the climate scientists. Aren't there are more important targets for his investigations? For one thing, where are the aliens at Area 51? In the second place, the state-controlled Russian media is no longer denying global warming. The latest tinfoil conspiracy theory about global warming, which has been published in official petrostate sources, is that global warming is happening but that it is not caused by greenhouse gasses emitted when we burn fossil fuels. According to official petrostate sources, global warming is caused by crafty U.S. scientists who are zapping the Russian petrostate with secret "climate weapons" to "provoke droughts, to erase crops, and to induce various anomalous phenomena..."

Will Comrade Cuccinelli buy into this new tinfoil conspiracy theory? It would be very unwise. After all, if it turns out that those crafty U.S. climate scientists Cuccinelli persecutes are manning dreaded "climate weapons," the first target they "erase" probably won't be in Russia.


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