Sunday, January 30, 2011

Global Warning: Medill School of Journalism's National Security Reporting Project

Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism has a National Security Reporting Project and is publishing an informative series of print, video, and interactive stories about climate change at a site called Global Warning.

The Global Warning series is based on what the CIA, Pentagon, National Academy of Sciences, and all our other scientific agencies are learning about climate change and about the threats these changes pose to America's national security. My favorite story is called "Our Man in the Greenhouse: Why the CIA is Spying on a Changing Climate." A very similar story was published by McClatchy (1-10-11), and they have a video interview that works.

Some of the documents Medill's student reporters used in reporting their stories can be found here. As the link notes, "[These documents] present an authoritative account of how U.S. officials and experts view climate change as a security issue."

View documents related to
U.S. policy
Climate science
Impacts on U.S. economy and population
Climate change impacts on international security
The intelligence community


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