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Kent Clizbe: Our Man in the Nut House

"The earth is suffering from global warming as a result of our excessive consumption of energy."---The Vatican (Scroll down.)

Until I noticed that many Republicans were in denial about the science of climate change and global warming, I was a Republican. I even voted for Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli; but now my eyes are open, and I see how the Attorney General has been lying to me. I am so ashamed of my ignorant vote.

When I see the Attorney General's picture with his beautiful young children, I can't help thinking of the fanatical propagandist Joseph Goebbels, who ultimately poisoned his own innocent children. This may seem like an extreme analogy, but if we continue to pour CO2 into the atmosphere, the environment is going to change so catastrophically that our civilization may collapse and our children and grandchildren will suffer the consequences.

Cuccinelli claims he is against abortion because it takes innocent lives, but as a Catholic he should know that the Vatican says that global warming takes innocent lives, too:

The earth is suffering from global warming as a result of our excessive consumption of energy.---The Vatican (Scroll down.)

At this moment, Attorney General Cuccinelli is trying to destroy the reputation and career of Dr. Michael Mann, a climate scientist who could really help future generations. If he were a real leader, Attorney General Cuccinelli would be helping Dr. Mann get his prophetic message to the people; instead, Cuccinelli hounds and persecutes this scientist.

Our great scientists are brilliant men who can help us put the breaks on global warming, but only if our political leaders lead us instead of lying to us and accepting money from the fossil fuel industry in exchange for suppressing the truth about global warming and climate change.

I didn't vote for President Obama because I believed a lot of the propaganda that he is a "leftist," but now I am starting to understand that the President is trying to help us "green" our economy so that we can fight global warming. President Obama is the real conservative, because he wants to conserve the environment and civilization for future generations.

Cuccinelli is not a conservative at all. He isn't conserving our legal system and our civil rights. He isn't conserving the independence of science. He isn't conserving the environment.

Why is Attorney General Cuccinelli in government if he hates it so much? This oppressor claims he wants to preserve our liberties. That's a lie! I think he is in government only to protect the fossil-fuel industry. His father was a career lobbyist for the American Gas Association, and the father's current company gave Cuccinelli's campaign 96,000 dollars. The father earns his living by offering his professional services to European clients. Who are they? I wonder if these "European" clients are Russian gas companies.

Cuccinelli also got 55,000 dollars from a mysterious criminal from Florida who used the stolen identity "Bobby Thompson." This criminal solicited money for his fake Navy Veterans' organization, and he passed some of this money to politicians. After Cuccinelli got his money, Virginia passed a law that exempted military charities from reporting to the government about their financial operations. This made it easy for criminals to disguise their operations as so-called "military charities." I voted for Cuccinelli, but now I see that this man is serving himself and the people who finance him, not the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Perhaps instead of calling themselves the "Republican Party" or the "Tea Party," Cuccinelli's crew should call themselves the "Denialist Party." That would be a fitting name for a radical party that constantly tells us cynical lies, trashes the federal government, talks revolution, and stalks scientists.

A Virginia global warming denialist who claims to be a former CIA clandestine operative, Kent Clizbe, has reportedly been sending emails to college professors at the University of Virginia and Penn State. He tells the professors that they can receive a multi-million dollar bounty from a federal government whistleblowers' program if they will denounce the famous climate scientist, Dr. Michael Mann, for fraud.

Kent Clizbe boasted to a student reporter that he used espionage techniques against the famous Dr. Mann, but all he was really doing was encouraging some greedy person to come forward and tell a lie. The Daily Collegian (1-11-10) reports:

Former CIA agent Kent Clizbe sent letters to 27 Penn State faculty members last week, hoping to find a whistleblower in the "Climategate" controversy involving Penn State meteorology professor Michael Mann.

"As an intelligence collector targeting foreign or enemy government, we recruit an insider," said Clizbe, who sent the e-mails last week. "I'm attempting to recruit an insider to tell us what's really going on."

DeSmogBlog (1-11-11) has a recent account of Kent Clizbe's campaign against Dr. Mann and copies of letters he sent to Penn State and the University of Virginia.

So far, not one college professor has denounced Dr. Mann for fraud. Denialists often depict climate scientists as greedy people who are trying to "trick" Americans, but if scientists are so greedy, why don't any scientists denounce Dr. Mann? I often read the Russian media, and I saw that the allegation that our climate scientists were greedy and tricky was the Russian propaganda. The Russian government depends on the income from its gas industry, and the powerful gas moguls own much of the Russian media.

The ex-CIA operative Kent Clizbe claims to have a "head-hunting" business, and right now he is hunting for the head of Dr. Michael Mann. His website notes the address of "our offices," but I looked on Google this is a residential area. Perhaps the headhunter works from home.

I wonder if Kent Clizbe is sending these emails to college professors solely on his own initiative, if he is working for a global warming denialist organization, or perhaps even for Virginia's Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli when he harrasses Dr. Mann. Kent Clizbe and Ken Cuccinelli seem to be pretty much on the same page when it comes to using email to harrass this Nobel-winning scientist whose work is posted on the websites of federal scientific agencies.

Attorney General Cuccinelli is trying to subpoena Dr. Mann's emails so he can cobble together a case for fraud against this famous scientist who made the famous "hockey stick" graph; still, a judge has ruled that Cuccinelli failed to demonstrate any probable cause. The Attorney General undoubtedly undoubtedly has access trained criminal investigators who work for the State of Virginia, and they obviously haven't found any evience that would satisfy a judge. Maybe someone hoped that by spamming the college professors, he could turn up someone to say something derogatory.

Attorney General seems like a big hypocrite to me. He tries to get Dr. Mann for fraud even though there is no evidence, but he kept the money of the obvious Florida criminal, Bobby Thompson, for a long time.

Dr. Mann's climate change research and his famous "hockey stick" graph have been vetted and reproduced by other scientists in his field. Most of his research grants have been from the federal government, not Virginia. The ex-CIA operative Kent Clizbe claims that people can get a federal reward for denouncing Dr. Michael Mann, but the federal authorities don't seem to have any problem with Dr. Michael Mann. His work is highly-regarded by the National Academies and our scientific agencies. His name often appears on the federal government's scientific sites. For example, Dr. Michael Mann's name appears on this NOAA site. For people like Ken Cuccinelli and Kent Clizbe, all these means is that all the scientists are in on the conspiracy.

Cuccinelli gets some of his slanders about our scientists from official Russian sources. In his suit against the EPA, Cuccinelli cited an English-language article from Russia's official press agency RIA Novosti, as evidence that British climatologists who study global warming are engaging in fraud. The RIA Novosti article was an edited version of a Russian-language article that appeared in the Kremlin-friendly business daily Kommersant, which is owned by the Gazprom mogul Alisher Usmanov. This billionaire has an education and career that suggest an affiliation with the former KGB. Since Kent Clizbe is writing a book about how the Russians infiltrate America, maybe he would like to put something about the Gazprom operative Alisher Usmanov in his upcoming book.

I can't help wondering if the self-proclaimed former CIA operative Kent Clizbe might be some kind of "secret policeman" for the denialists or if he is just some ignorant, retired self-promoter who is boasting about his past CIA employment to make people think that Dr. Mann has something to hide from CIA operatives.

Kent Clizbe's emails aren't very sophisticated. I don't think his claims about a reward from the federal government would fool a college professor; the emails sound like some kind of Nigerian spam letter.

Kent Clizbe offers the professors a reward based on a federal law; but the federal government isn't investigating Dr. Michael Mann, a Nobel-winning scientist whose work is highly respected by others in his field. If the federal government thought Dr. Mann were engaged in fraud, they would use official investigators.

Kent Clizbe may be an ex-CIA clandestine operative, but he is really off-message when it comes to the science of global warming: the real CIA accepts this science and has a Center on Climate Change and National Security.

Kent Clizbe boasts about his patriotism and CIA career, and I think he does this so people won't realize that the real CIA says global warming is a fact.

The head of the CIA Center on Climate Change and National Security is Larry Kobayashi, and the Center on Climate Change hands out security clearances to highly-qualified climate scientists, not subpoenas. People who attack famous paleoclimatologists may want to consider the passibility that they really may be barking up the wrong tree.

Recently, "Larry" was interviewed for an article titled "Our Man in the Greenhouse: Why the CIA is Spying on a Changing Climate." Later the name of this officer, Larry Kobayashi, was announced by the Pew Center.

I wrote to W. Russell, Attorney General Cuccinelli's deputy, and asked him if the ex-CIA operative Kent Clizbe might belong to Attorney General Cuccinelli, but Mr. Russell did not respond. The Attorney General's office is always trying to get something on the climate scientist Dr. Mann, but I think we should be investigating Attorney General Cuccinelli.

Here is the Wikipedia definition of "secret police":

Secret police (sometimes political police) are a police agency which operates in secrecy to protect the power and authority of a political regime or state.

Secret police forces are associated with authoritarian regimes, as they are, by definition, used to support the political power of an individual government or regime rather than upholding the common rule of law.

Instead of transparently enforcing the rule of law and being subject to public scrutiny as ordinary police agencies do, secret police organizations are specifically intended to operate beyond and above the law in order to suppress political dissent through clandestine acts of terror and intimidation (such as kidnapping, coercive interrogation, torture, internal exile, forced disappearance, and assassination) targeted against political enemies of the ruling authority.

Secret police forces are accountable only to the executive branch of the government, sometimes only to a dictator. They operate entirely or partially in secrecy, that is, most or all of their operations are obscure and hidden from the general public and government except for the topmost executive officials. This semi-official capacity allows the secret police to bolster the government's control over their citizens while also allowing the government to deny prior knowledge of any violations of civil liberties.

Secret police agencies have often been used as an instrument of political repression.

States where the secret police wield significant power are sometimes referred to as police states or counterintelligence states. Secret police differ from the domestic security agencies in modern liberal democracies, because domestic security agencies are generally subject to government regulation, reporting requirements, and other accountability measures. [Full text]


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