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Pete Ridley's Big Fat Double Standard

The moronic global warming denialist Pete Ridley does not like the fact that I use the nom-de-plume "Snapple" on my blog.

Ridley writes in the comments on Desmogblog (1-21-11) that he has "low regard for those who hide behind false names."

Ridley even makes the ludicrous threat that some ex-CIA operative named Kent Clizbe might track me down with the help of his CIA friends: "I’m sure [ex-CIA operative] Kent [Clizbe] could easily use his CIA contacts to track [Snapple] down..."

In fact, the not-very-sincere Pete Ridley actually has enormous regard for global warming denialists who hide behind false names: Pete Ridley celebrates the misdeeds of anonymous cyber-criminals who hacked into the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit (CRU), stole the scientists' emails, and posted them on a Russian server in Tomsk right before the 2009 climate conference in Copenhagen.

The cyber-criminals, who did not give their names, hypocritically called themselves "honest men."
Why doesn't Pete Ridley ask the cyber-criminals to identify themselves if they are really "honest men"?

The CIA does not track down people who have blogs that explain the CIA position on global warming. The head of the CIA climate change unit is named Larry Kobayashi, and he doesn't sound anything like the supposed ex-CIA case officer Kent Clizbe. For one thing, Larry Kobayashi sounds like an educated person who is trying to help the whole world avert a terrible catastrophy, and Kent Clizbe sounds to me like a real phony in his self-promoting Internet articles.

CIA employees don't take orders from the likes of Kent Clizbe about whom to hunt down. In fact, Kent Clizbe is probably an embarrassment to the CIA, if he was ever in the CIA in the first place. After all, Kent Clizbe disparages both the FBI and the CIA analysts in his articles on the Internet. He harrasses climate scientists while the CIA gives them security clearances.

The CIA is probably mortified that an ex-employee is emailing professors and claiming that they will get millions of federal dollars if they denounce the famous scientist Dr. Mann, who demonstrated global warming in his famous "hockey stick" graph. The only people who are trying to discredit Dr. Mann are political subversives who are on the take from the fossil fuel companies and their blogger-dupes.

It seems to me that ex-CIA operative Kent Clizbe is undermining the CIA instead of supporting their mission of addressing the national security threat of climate change.


Anonymous Pete Ridley said...

Hi “Snapple”, (ref. 2011-02-17 22:04 on please don’t get too cocky while hiding behind a false name. Using a false name in order to hurl insults at people is a cowardly thing to do. It is even more cowardly to hurl insults from behind a false name behind the back of the person that you are insulting. Why don’t you make your comments about Kent Klizbe to his face ( and insult him in the open using your real name? Alternatively, I can give you his E-mail address and you can exchange opinions on a one-to-one basis – or is that asking too much of a coward?

I was exchanging opinions on Australian Senator Steve Fielding’s blog during 2009/2010 and three very nasty individuals were involved. They not only hid behind numerous false names (Digitaladvisor/ConcernedCitizen, Cooloola, Spatch/Phoenix/Guess-who/etc.etc.etc.) but also impersonated me and others who were sceptical of the CACC doctrine. They refused to give any details about themselves, but over the months let little bits of general information slip out. From these snippits we now know who two of them are and have renewed exchanges with them on blogs where they were commenting under their real names. The third has this to look forward to.

Another person involved there hid behind the false name Stormboy because he had previously been threatened with violence against him and his family. He and I are now exchanging friendly E-mails under our real names.

The same happened with a moderator on Mike Kaulbars Greenfyre blog who was very upset when I started using his real name. There are others too.

Please don’t take this as a threat because it is not meant that way. I am simply warning you that it is often very easy to put little pieces of the jigsaw together and develop a full picture so if you wish to stay anonymous be very careful what you say about yourself or associates. In particular, Facebook and the like are places to avoid. The police keep warning people not to give out so much detail but they are ignored and people wonder why they have their identities stolen and houses broken into.

The ferret is well able to sniff out a rat once he’s put into the hole. Trust me, my daddy demonstrated this to me 65 years ago.

(When trying to find Kent’s blog using Google I found your “Dynamic Duo Debunked: Why Aren't Kent Clizbe and Ken Cuccinelli Out Looking for the Fugitive from Justice "Bobby Thompson"? thread ( Your cowardly reference to me as “A blogger-moron” set the ferret in me stirring and I remebered that I had Kent’s details in my “ferret’s nest”).

You say “It is funny to see Pete Ridley so worked up about who I really am” but coward s always get me “worked up” and you are a top-rank coward.

On top of that you obviously have no understanding of the processes and drivers of those different global climates. All that you are capable of is parroting what others tell you. You appear to be not merely a coward but a mindless coward to boot.

On a minor minor point, there is a difference between a “boast” and a “comment”. I have no reasn to boast about Kent Klizbe.

Best regards, Pete Ridley

5:40 AM  
Blogger Snapple said...

You stupid, twisted, hypocritical non-entity.

You love the annonymous criminals who hacked the CRU. You don't think they are cowards.

Cuccinelli and O'Sullivan know who I am. If you want to know, ask them.

I am giving the National Academies line, the CIA line, and the Vatican line about global warming.

Denialists are giving the Kremlin line. It's hard to keep up with because it keeps changing.

6:40 AM  
Anonymous Pete Ridley said...

Hi again Snapple. You do have a lovely turn of phrase – for a lady. Why are you so antagonistic towards me – or is it just all men, or maybe only white men? You’re a mother, a Christian, so where is your “milk of human kindness”?

Would you be kind enough to tell me who those criminals were who “hacked” the CRU. Better still, tell the Suffolk police. I am not aware that they have made any suggestion that it was hackers, rather believing that it was a whistle-blower on the inside who leaked those files. If you have some evidence about hackers then, being a law-abiding Christian person, don’t you think that you should pass it on?

John O’Sullivan said recently that he has no knowledge of you and I’m sure that Cuccinelli will say the same. Seems that you are not only a coward but also a liar – and you a devout Catholic. You’d better pop into the Confessional.

Talking about CACC, I wasn’t aware that the Vatican undertook research into the processes and drivers of those different global climates. Please would you provide me with links to any significant scientific papers that they have had published in recognised journals.

I’ve read quite a lot of your comments, going back to 2005, and see that you have a thing about Ward Churchill,

Maximilian Forte seems to have summed you up perfectly on 23 February 2009: QUOTE: Then there is “Snapple,” an anonymous blogger whose big claim to infamy is a psychotic conspiracy theory that Churchill is responsible for the murder of Jon Benet Ramsey. Should “Snapple” ever be unmasked, a severe lawsuit on the grounds of libel awaits him/her — either that, or one long overdue appointment with a mental health institution. With opposition like this, one hopes that Churchill will have an easier day in court than we already expect UNQUOTE (

Talking of being “unmasked”, be careful which sites you comment on, because a lot of them attach gravatars to each contributor and E-mail addresses can be decoded from the gravatar discription – but it mat be too late for you, because there is a gravatar against your comment on Max’s blog.

I see that you love America, the FBI, CIA, COINTELPRO , American Indians and Jamie O’Brian but hate Ward Churchill, Communism, the Kremlin, the KGB, the American Indian Movement (AIM), CACC “deniers”, “the Cornwall Alliance”, Monckton, terrorists. Boy, what a mix.

But that is enough nonsense. My interest is purely in finding out as much as I can about those climate processes and drivers, with a particular interest at the moment in the questionable validity of the attempted reconstruction of past atmospheric CO2 content from air “trapped” in ice for hundreds and thousands of years. As I said to you on my Global Political Shenanigans blog “ .. if you can get back to me with some science relating to preferential fractionation of CO2 in ice I’d love to hear from you (or are you also a bit “foggy” about that?)” (

Best regards, Pete Ridley

1:44 PM  
Blogger Snapple said...

You are such an idiot. If you want to know what I say on my site, read my site, not what someone else claims I say.

As for the AIM, several of them have gone to prison recently.

2:09 PM  

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