Sunday, May 08, 2011

Confusing Michael Mann's Hockey Stick with the Decline in Tree-Ring Density

Michael Mann, the Nobel-Winning Climate Scientist Who is Being Persecuted and Hounded by Virginia's Vicious, Ambitious, Greedy, Duplicitous, Fossil-fuel tool---Attorney General Cuccinelli!

Unless we get to vote him off the island, I won't be voting for that scoundrel Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli again! I probably won't be voting for any Republicans for a long time because they are taking money from the fossil fuel interests, confusing us about the science of climate change, and persecuting our great scientists.

It is not easy to judge what brilliant scientists are discussing amongst themselves just from reading their e-mails. We need more context. We don't understand what they are talking about.

That's why criminal political operatives, who don't care about the truth or the protection of world civilization, hatched a plan to steal the climate scientists' e-mails: they wanted to trick us and destroy the scientists' credibility and reputations by mischaracterizing what the e-mails really said. In Russia they call that kompromat.

John Cook of Skeptical Science (5-1-11) has published the following helpful post about the allegation that the climate scientist Dr. Michael Mann (above) dishonestly used a "trick" to supposedly "hide the decline" in the earth's temperature.

John Cook (5-1-11) explains:

A common climate misconception is confusing the hockey stick with the 'decline' in tree-ring density. Skeptical Science has cleared up the misconception in Muller Misinformation #1: confusing Mike's trick with hide the decline as well as in this interview on The Climate Show. A new Climate Crock video Unwinding "Hide the Decline" has been released by Peter Sinclair which is one of the clearest explanations of 'Mike's trick' and 'hide the decline' yet (as well as the most entertaining).


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