Sunday, October 02, 2011

Cuccinelli Mafia Foiled Again: Climatologist Michael Mann Exonerated by Inspector General of the National Science Foundation!

"No direct evidence has been presented that indicates the subject fabricated the raw data he used for his research or falsified his results," the report concludes. "Lacking any direct evidence of research misconduct, ... we are closing this investigation with no further action."---National Science Foundation Inspector General

The famous climate scientist Dr. Michael Mann is constantly being hounded and persecuted by Virginia's demagogic Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. I think this is because Cuccinelli's father has spent his career as a lobbyist/consultant for domestic and foreign natural gas interests. The elder Cuccinelli's firm, Quest-Fore, reportedly gave 96,000 dollars to the Attorney General's political campaign.

Our Attorney General's office has been hijacked and transformed into an organ of persecution like the KGB: the Attorney General's Office is nothing but legalized lawlessness, the "sword and shield" of the fossil fuel interests on a quest for the scalps of climate scientists!

The Cuccinelli mafia organization defends the interests of the Republican Party's financial sponsors, not the people. Cuccinelli claims that he is protecting the people, but I think he is endangering our people with his lawless, dishonest inquisition against climate scientists. I would rather be protected by scientists like Dr. Mann than outposts of mafia structures like the Virginia Attorney General's Office. Instead of persecuting Dr. Mann, Cuccinelli should investigate the accused criminal Bobby Thompson, who gave him 55,000 dollars.

The Daily Climate is a very educational site that posts articles about climate change that appear in the mass media as well as their own articles. On August 22, Douglas Fischer, editor of The Daily Climate posted an article titled "Federal Auditors Find No Evidence to Support "Climategate" Accusations" (8-22-11). The Cuccinelli Mafia has been foiled again!

Dr. Mann has no illusions that this latest finding will silence his opponents, but he noted that this latest investigation "establishes that every credible body has found that there is no evidence at all for the allegations."


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