Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Climate Show

The Climate Show is an Internet radio and video program from New Zealand about climate change. The episodes are listed and linked (newest first) at Hot Topic. Each episode includes a short post explaining the program's focus.

The "About" link at The Climate Show expains:

The Climate Show is a fortnightly roundup of the latest climate news, science, research, sceptics, politics and solutions. It answers the question "what is happening with the Earth's climate right now?" Every week the show features a special guest, chosen for their specialist knowledge in a current area of climate science or first hand experience of climate change. Hosted by radio and internet broadcaster Glenn Williams and Gareth Renowden from Hot Topic along with Skeptical Science's John Cook. We are passionate about understanding and communicating the biggest issue facing life on Planet Earth. Take time to go back through the archives, subscribe to the iTunes audio or rss audio feed and keep in touch on Twitter or Facebook. [See full text and links.]


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