Friday, March 09, 2012

Climate Crocks: Michael Mann Explains the Hockey Stick Issue and Debunks George Mason's Ed Wegman

Gareth Renowden at the New Zealand blog called Hot Topic (3-8-12) has posted the latest Climate Crocks video. The video is also posted at Skeptical Science (3-10-12). Head on over to see the video and these informative blogs.

Renowden at Hot Topic (3-8-12) observes:

The latest video from Peter “Climate Crocks” Sinclair in his new series at The Yale Forum on Climate Change and the Media is an extended interview with Michael Mann about his new book (reviewed by Bryan here), and gives an excellent overview of the hockey stick issue — including the Mashey/Deep Climate discovery of plagiarism in the Wegman Report. Michael Mann, the Hockey Stick … and the Climate Wars is well worth watching, if only for the frankly incredible way that Wegman answers a question about carbon dioxide.


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