Sunday, February 26, 2012

Operation Broken Heartland

"It will not be long until A. D. is confirmed in MSM...and this is not merely embarrassing"---John Mashey (2-19-12)

On Valentines Day (2-14-12), the computer scientist Dr. John Mashey released his report on the Heartland Institute, a Chicago-based organization that spreads anti-scientific propaganda denying climate change. The report is titled "Fake Science, Fake Experts, Funny Finances, Free of Tax: SEPP, Heartland, CSCDGC, Allies and Donors" (2-14-12)Dr. Mashey also sent his report to the Internal Revenue Service because the "charities" named in his report seem to be violating the tax laws. DeSmogBlog has posted Mashey's overview and the link to the report. The Guardian has published an article titled "Heartland Institute Faces Fresh Scrutiny over Tax Status" (2-17-12).

A few days later, in a comment on Deep Climate (2-19-12), Dr. Mashey predicted that the identity of the Heartland Institute's "Anonymous Donor" will soon be revealed in the mainstream media. Dr. Mashey promises that the unmasking of Heartland's Anonymous Donor is "not merely embarrassing."

According to "The Daily Kos," (2-18-12--see updates), the Heartland's "angel" may be a wealthy Chicago industrialist named Barre Seid


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