Saturday, April 29, 2006

Saddam Trained Foreign Terrorists---US Has Their Pictures

This is a very interesting article called "The Origins of the Iraqi Insurgency."

Saddam trained foreign terrorists, and now the American government has interrogated the terrorists' trainers and even has group pictures of the terrorists taken during their training.

According to the article:

"As a U.S. intelligence official explained to this author, the United States has interrogated the Iraqis who trained the foreign terrorists and has their accounts of that training, along with material like group pictures of the graduating classes. Clarifying this key point -- the involvement of Saddam's regime with foreign terrorists-- is not simply a matter of justifying the Iraq war to the American public, vital as that task is. It is also a question of understanding the nature of the enemy we are still fighting. This includes the enemy outside Iraq: what happened to the 8,000 foreign terrorists trained by Iraq from 1998-2002; what have they done already; and what might they do in the future?"


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