Monday, July 09, 2007

Curious MIM and the Major's Assistant

"I've received...unqualified support from hard-line Maoists.....[T]he Maoist International Movement (MIM) have used their weekly papers to advance some of the best analysis of my case and its implications yet published"--Ward Churchill

The Maoist Internationalist Movement's 7-6-07 Scuttlebutt poses a question:

"If the major's assistant with things conspiratorial would like to answer a question, let it be where (in vague language) and approximately when s/he ran into MIM physically for a first and last time."

MIM complains:

"[S]upercitizens declassify information on-the-spot without regard to authenticity or overall historical issues, use it in a political context, and then claim free speech for government agents."

Well, as fate would have it, the felonious fingers of FOX and Friends and an outwardly unimpeachable supercitizen were able to filch some low-hanging fruit about when "the major's assistant with things conspiratorial...ran into MIM physically for the first and last time."

We trust that this Aesopian sneak-peek into the secret files of the grasping minions of the corporate power structure will be helpful to our Maoist comrades.


MIM's "What's New" page has all the very latest Scuttlebutt about the tenured Plagiarist of Ethnic Studies Ward Churchill and his mock-heroic duel with the Evil Empire.

A explanation of MIM's hallucination about the major can be found here.


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