Friday, June 22, 2007

Ringing Down the Curtain on the Great White Wardo!

The Daily Camera (6-22-07) reports on the final act in The
Madcap Misadventures of the Tenured Plagiarist of Ethnic Studies Ward Churchill [video]:

After being notified that the CU president is recommending to the regents that he be fired because of research misconduct, Churchill has formally requested a private hearing with the Board of Regents. At the hearing, the regents will listen to arguments from attorneys representing the tenured professor and the university.

"The next step is to schedule the hearing," said CU spokeswoman Michele McKinney.

McKinney said she expects that the hearing will take place in late July and will be finished in one day. The regents will then vote in public — but without a public hearing — whether Churchill should be dismissed.

The vote will be the final step in a lengthy academic-misconduct case that has involved extensive investigations into Churchill's written works, hearings with faculty committees and counter-claims from the professor's supporters. [full text]


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