Thursday, June 14, 2007

AAUP Exceptionalism

"I've received...unqualified support from hard-line Maoists.....[T]he Maoist International Movement (MIM) have used their weekly papers to advance some of the best analysis of my case and its implications yet published"--Ward Churchill

The Maoist MIM has a What's New Page and also a page devoted to the "witch hunt" against Ward Churchill. I thought the paranoid MIM was some kind of satire site, but then I saw that it was actually endorsed by the tenured Plagiarist of ethnic studies Ward Churchill.

MIM is a lot like the American Association of University Professors (AAUP). Both organizations say they want to protect free speech, but really they only want to protect Ward Churchill by arguing that because he is a disgusting, loudmouthed celebrity that he doesn't have to follow C.U.'s rules for academic research.

Did the MIM or the AAUP defend the free speech of a student cartoonist named Grant Crowell when Ward Churchill threatened him?

Mr. Crowell explains in four self-interviews [one, two, three, four] that he decided to take on CU Boulder Professor Ward Churchill after Churchill told a crowd of people that it would be a "good thing" if Grant were executed, dismembered, and cremated like some NAZI cartoonist [Crowell self-interview #2].

Churchill frequently characterizes people who oppose his views as Nazis.

Grant says that Churchill is only interested in free speech for himself, but wants to intimidate others from having free speech.

Churchill argues that the 9th Amendment should prevent Americans from celebrating Columbus Day. In two videos [here and here], Mr. Crowell interviews four law professors who dispute Churchill's argument that his 9th Amendment trumps the 1st Amendment.

I think that the American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA) is an organization that has actually does protect free speech. When Ward Churchill was criticized for his stupid 9-11 article "Some People Push Back," the ACTA said that he should not be fired for his views.

However, Churchill tries to argue that even his notorious academic fraud is protected by the 1st Amendment, although the University of Colorado has rules about research misconduct that even self-promoting, grandiose narcissists have to follow.

Churchill does not just give his opinions in his writings. He mischaracterizes what reputable scholars have said to give his crackpot conspiracy theories credibility. He ghostwrites articles for other people and then quotes his own ghostwriting to give his ideas credibility.

The AAUP sanctimoniously claims that it promotes "telling the truth in difficult times" and "protecting academic freedom," but really the AAUP is just protecting its monopoly on speech from challenges.

When people try to stand up and tell the truth about that thug and liar Ward Churchill, bad things start to happen to them and the AAUP does not help them.

It is the American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA) who has protected everyone's free speech, not the AAUP.


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