Saturday, June 09, 2007

Cary Nelson, President AAUP

Cary Nelson is the President of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP). He says in this podcast that he has been in close contact with Ward Churchill about his so-called "free speech" case.

The podcast was made by Inside Higher Education, which carries articles about Ward Churchill.

I notice that Professor Nelson doesn't mention in the podcast Churchill's history of threats and violence against other people who try to exercise their free speech. I guess he only is in close contact with Ward Churchill, not with the people whom Churchill has intimidated or hurt.

It is very scary that so many of our professors are giving ideological aid and comfort to violent totalitarians like Ward Churchill who hypocritically deny others their freedom of speech.

Did Professor Nelson notice that Ward Churchill put his lies about genocide into the mouths of reputable scholars?

Did Professor Nelson notice that Ward Churchill assaulted a Native American CU student, his own wife, the late Leah Kelly?

Did Professor Nelson notice that Ward Churchill's stupid 9-11 essay "Some People Push back" claims that Madeleine Albright responded to a UN official's alleged 1998 remarks in the NYT? Albright could not have done this, because her comments were made in 1996.

Did Professor Nelson notice that the "scholar" Ward Churchill wrote that American mothers should snuff themselves and their children to "do the planet a favor"?

Did Professor Nelson notice that Ward Churchill claimed in a Soviet-Cuban propaganda mouthpiece that FBI-backed death squads murdered 342 Indians?

Did Professor Nelson notice that Ward Churchill collaborated in the production of a mendacious film with the intelligence services of the USSR and Cuba, who deny their people free speech?

Did Professor Nelson notice that the Native American law professor John Lavelle complained in 1996 about Churchill's dishonest scholarship? Professor LaVelle is a lawyer Indians actually hire to represent them.

Professor Nelson claims that the academic misconduct investigation of Ward Churchill started after the 2005 outcry over Churchill's article "Some People Push Back." Actually, people were writing about Churchill's dishonest research and posting it on the Internet before that, but for some reason C.U. protected Churchill.

I don't trust this Professor Nelson at all. Having heard his podcast, I am pretty sure that Professor Nelson won't protect free speech, just Ward Churchill. Professor Nelson says that we should listen even to people we loathe, but I don't think he mentioned that he listened to Churchill's victims.

The AAUP talks about "telling the truth in difficult times" and "protecting academic freedom," but really this is nothing but hypocritical cant; when people try to stand up and tell the truth about that thug and liar Ward Churchill, bad things start to happen to them and the AAUP does not help them.

It is the Amerian Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA) who has protected everyone's free speech, not the AAUP.


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