Thursday, June 14, 2007

Old Time Radio!

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Here are some old-time radio programs. I will add to the list and perhaps include descriptions.

Winston Churchill speeches

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Lux Radio Theatre adaptation of Hitchcock's Notorious (Ingrid Bergman and Joseph Cotton). See also Wikipedia entry about the film:

"Critics have noted a 'beverage motif' that runs throughout the the beginning of the film, Alicia is portrayed as a dipsomaniac and bottles and glasses are prominent in many scenes; later, Alicia and Devlin discover uranium in wine bottles in Sebastian's cellar; finally, Sebastian and his mother attempt to kill Alicia by poisoning her coffee."

Bloggers gush over this romantic thriller.

The Lives of Harry Lime

Internet Archive: Old Time Radio

Prelinger Archives

Archive for "I Was a Communist for the FBI."
[FBI file on the program]

Radio Lovers: The FBI in Peace and War (series)

Archive for WWII News

Old Time Radio programs at Radio Lovers

"This Is War"

Lord Haw-Haw's Last Broadcast (4-30-45)


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