Thursday, June 14, 2007

Where's Jim Vander Wall?

I recently asked some questions on my blog about Jim Vander Wall [video], the co-author of two books with The University of Colorado's embattled Professor Ward Churchill [video]:

Jim Vander Wall is a man of mystery. Where does he live? Does he have a job? A Social Security number? A driver's license? An American passport? Dandruff? I'd like to meet this Vander Wall so I can ask him why he never stepped up to the plate in defense of his co-author, the tenured Plagiarist of Ethnic Studies Ward Churchill. That wasn't very sporting of Jim.

I found a criminology journal called The Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice.

A Ph.D. criminologist from Carleton University named Matthew G. Yeager cites Jim Vander Wall in a journal article [SEE: THE FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT AS A METHODOLOGICAL TOOL: SUING THE GOVERNMENT FOR DATA].

I wrote and asked The Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice about Vander Wall, and a Ph.D. criminologist actually responded:

"If you will kindly look up the monograph references in the article...Mr. Vander Wall is a co-author with Ward Churchill (an aboriginal activist and professor) of two books on the subject of state surveillance in the U.S. A search of any major library will undoubtedly turn up his name as well. I don't know the gentleman, personally."

Stay tuned as we continue our hunt for the Great White, Do'h! [video]


Anonymous querent said...

he is alive. and he did come to the defense of his friend.

he has a job, yes, in software. motherfucker is an architect of the digital age.

i met him one night in boulder colorado, working in Left Hand Books, a not-for-profit socialist/anarchist book collective in that precious little town. he took me out to dinner.

to wit: he is alive and well. he lived (!...don't know that he still does) near boulder. works in software. drinks some damn fine scotch and drives a prius (that he loves, and will go on about at length).

he didn't go to the ropes over ward's dismissal (a low point in american (domestic) history, that), but did speak up a bit. and took it as a personal attack when they attacked the good professor's academic credentials (which it was).

6:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jim VanderWall has been my friend for over a half century(we graduated from high school in 1963).I think of Jim as a brilliant,kind,thoughtful,and considerate human being.He expresses his political views with a heartfelt conviction.

2:10 PM  

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