Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ward Churchill and David Lane on T.V.

The tenured Plagiarist of Ethnic Studies Ward Churchill and his lawyer David Lane appeared on a Denver NBC program called "Your Show" on 6-17-07. The whole interview is on Channel 9/KUSA.

Boulder's Dynamic Duo made the same old tired argument about Wardo's free speech.

Yawn......I don't think Wardo will look like much of a tough guy when he swaggers into court and has to confront the University of Colorado defense team [video] with a loser lawyer like David Lane.

This is really a contract dispute. Churchill, like all C.U. professors, is not allowed to engage in research misconduct.

The real mysteries are how Churchill, who has no Ph.D., quickly "earned" tenure in the first place and why C.U. overlooked his blatantly dishonest research for so long. There is something a little fishy about the process that gave Churchill tenure when one considers that many young professsors with Ph.D.s don't get tenure at all.

Maybe the AAUP should examine the process that gave Churchill tenure. The AAUP website boasts sanctimoniously that its core mission is "telling the truth in difficult times" and "protecting academic freedom"; but it looks to me like the AAUP is really just protecting the unexplained privileges of Ward Churchill, not tenure, the truth or academic freedom.

With unintentional irony, AAUP President Cary Nelson claims in the opening of this podcast that academic freedom is "massively imperiled" and that "none of the stakeholders in higher education understand what academic freedom is---none."

The stakeholders might understand the perils of professors better if the AAUP ("Protecting your rights") examined how a charlatan like Ward Churchill---instead of a qualified scholar---got tenure in the first place.

Final note:
PirateBallerina and Drunkablog point out the Dynamic Duo's retreaded falsehoods on the TV news program "Your Show."


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