Sunday, June 24, 2007

"American Indian Mafia" by Joseph H. Trimbach

"For the first time, Joe's book exposes myths and falsehoods, as well as never-before-published secrets of AIM."

As I noted last year, former FBI agent Joseph H. Trimbach is writing a book about the American Indian Movement (AIM). This book is going to be called American Indian Mafia. [Update: now available here as an e-book or in paperback.]

Mr. Trimbach also mentioned his forthcoming book at the end of a 12-25-2006 article he published about the myths of the American Indian Movement (AIM) in News From Indian Country [cache ; or scroll down to "Graves Mistakes"]

"Grave's Mistakes" [cache] exposes AIM's sordid history and describes the collateral damage AIM did to its human shields, Indian people, in its war on its real target---the FBI.

Another good article about the damage AIM did to Indian people and law enforcement was written by John Burrows in the NY Times (9-29-83).

I share the perspective of these two authors, and that is why my blog is called The Legend of Pine Ridge. Americans died because of AIM's actions, and AIM's leaders cynically hid their destructive actions behind a myth of Indian advocacy.

It seems to me that just as Ward Churchill masquerades as an Indian, AIM originated as an anti-FBI organization that also cleverly masqueraded as an Indian organization. Of course, many ordinary members of AIM were idealistic human shields and probably unaware of the real agenda behind AIM's hypocritical mask of Indian advocacy.

A poster who identified himself as J. Trimbach recently made this interesting comment following a 5-9-07 article describing the investigation of the tenured Plagiarist of Ethnic Studies Ward Churchill in the Sterling, Colorado Journal Advocate:

J. Trimbach wrote on May 10, 2007 10:55 AM:

"A new book entitled, American Indian Mafia, will expose Churchill's fraudulent research and conspiracy theories embodied in two of his more interesting books, Agents of Repression, and The COINTELPRO Papers. These books deal with supposed conspiracies concocted by the FBI against the American Indian Movement. The investigating committee apparently has not looked under this rock."

No doubt the book's title, American Indian Mafia, is a play on the name of the American Indian Movement (AIM). It is high time that someone from the FBI defended his organization, Indians, and the American public from AIM's ridiculous conspiracy theories.

Mr. Trimbach also gave a speech about his forthcoming book to an audience of retired FBI agents on 10-17-06:

Oct. 17, 2006 – Ed Fleck advises the speaker is Joe Trimbach, a retired Agent, who served for 23 years. He retired in 1979, and lives in Venice, FL. Joe was SAC in Minneapolis during RESMURS, one of the Bureau's biggest and saddest cases in which two Agents, Jack Coler and Ron Williams, both 27, were executed at close range by Leonard Peltier at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.

Two years earlier, AIM activists violently took over the village of Wounded Knee and for 71 days, engaged in shooting at the FBI and the U. S. Marshals. Joe will talk about this case as well as the occupation of Wounded Knee and subsequent events.

Joe has written a book entitled American Indian Mafia, which is currently in the process of being edited and therefore is not yet published. Joe describes his book as being an FBI Agent's true story about Wounded Knee, Leonard Peltier, and the leaders of the American Indian Movement (AIM). For the first time, Joe's book exposes myths and falsehoods, as well as never-before-published secrets of AIM.

In a 4-17-06 article titled "Truth, too, Buried at Wounded Knee" [or scroll down here], Mr. Trimbach told the Rocky Mountain News:

In the world of academia, truth is...rendered homeless where AIM is concerned. For example, University of Colorado's embattled professor, Ward Churchill, exemplifies a career built on fraudulent research. Take his book, The COINTELPRO Papers (South End Press, 2001), a collection of outrageous assertions based on guesswork. University administrators who granted Churchill tenure may be surprised to learn that each mention of my name is in reference to complete fabrications.

In one of the more zany episodes, I assume the identity of an infiltrating postal inspector during the Wounded Knee crisis. In another, I am given responsibility for the death of a village occupier, at a time when I was hundreds of miles away. What I did do, as the chief FBI official on the scene, was to order the erection of manned roadblocks to cordon off the violence. Would-be historians have since contended that armed militants who opened fire on these roadblocks were not trying to harm anyone. The assertion is both inaccurate and absurd.

I suspect that it will be really embarrassing to be a C.U. professor, a C.U. administrator, or a C.U. regent running for election if this book comes out before C.U. manages to fire that con-man Wardo for his research misconduct.


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