Thursday, July 19, 2007

Think, Ben, Think!

Here is a comment I made to Mr. Ben Whitmer, an instructor at the University of Colorado in Boulder, following one of his posts on Tryworks:
Mr. Whitmer,
You might want to notice that in his 6-27-07 article, Trimbach called John Graham “the alleged trigger man who carried out the executioner’s mandate against Anna Mae.”
This suggests that she was killed on the orders of some AIM higher-ups–”an executioner.”
Trimbach also says that there have been “other killings” in addition to the execution-style murder of Anna Mae Aquash:
“Many of [Leonard Peltier’s] brothers-in-arms, members of the American Indian Movement (AIM), have tried to construct plausible alibis to support his claimed innocence [in the murders of two FBI agents on Pine Ridge on June 26, 1975]. None of it has stuck, and many of the cover stories have only served to implicate AIM members in other killings, such as the execution-style murder of Anna Mae Pictou Aquash.”
Why are you writing about fiction when these are real murders of Indians that AIM is accused of?
If you are against killing Indians, why don’t you support law enforcement and Indian efforts to get to the bottom of AIM’s crime spree?
Why are you promoting the cover-up?
Ward Churchill is a con-man who has camoflaged the truth about AIM with his big lies.
AIM used the Indians as pawns in their war on the FBI, and Churchill seems to be using you. AIM and Churchill don’t care anything about how they hurt people.
When AIM members and reservation outsiders took over the Indian town of Wounded Knee, they stole from the store, trashed the museum and stole the artifacts, threw out the residents, wrecked people’s homes, relieved themselves on people’s floors, shot their pets, broke the children’s toys, posed as aggrieved villagers, and called it “liberation.” It was nothing but a big show that disguised vandalism and theft.
And now Wardo has ruined you, and you still don’t get it.
You like to say I am stupid and crazy, but I am not so stupid or crazy that I believe Ward Churchill.


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