Friday, July 13, 2007

The Stars Align: Two Views

An Ethnic Studies instructor at C.U. Boulder named Ben Whitmer has a blog called Try-Works where he supports the tenured Plagiarist of Ethnic Studies Ward Churchill.

In the comments to a recent post, Mr. Whitmer wrote this comment to me about a retired FBI agent named Joseph Trimbach, whom I have written about on my blog:

[T]hanks for the heads up on Trimbach, Snapple. I knew he was a shiteating moron and a killer, I didn’t know he was a fucking loon. I’ll make sure to highlight your love affair on the main page soonly. It’s exactly the kind of star-aligned convergence of dribbling idiots that makes my black little heart go pitter-pat.

The remainder of this post is my response to Mr. Whitmer, which I also posted in his comments:

Dear Mr. Whitmer,

You need to pay better attention to what is going on here.
If former SAC Joseph Trimbach were “a shiteating moron,” a “killer,” and a “fucking loon,” I doubt that he would be honored by being invited announce the extradition of Anna Mae Aquash’s killer in “News from Indian Country.”

The editor Mr. DeMain has followed the investigation of Aquash’s murder for many, many years, and he must think that Trimbach’s views make a valuable contribution to the story of this Canadian citizen’s brutal murder.

Mr. DeMain will probably take note of how C.U. Ethnic Studies characterizes law enforcement people who are invited to give their views in an Indian publication that has pursued the truth about Aquash’s murder for so many years.

It is hard for Indians to see C.U. Ethnic Studies professors as advocates for better justice for Indian people when they disparage this honored guest writer and law enforcement official as a “killer.”

Trimbach’s article in “News from Indian Country” was how I first I learned the good news that John Graham was going to be extradited for murdering the Canadian citizen Anna Mae Aquash.

You and Ward Churchill didn’t write anything. Former FBI SAC Trimbach did, and for some reason, “News from Indian Country” chose him to make that announcement.

Mr Trimbach wrote:

"June 26, 2007: The Supreme Court of British Columbia orders the extradition of John Graham to the United States. He is the alleged trigger man who carried out the executioner’s mandate against Anna Mae."

June 26, 1975 is also the day that the two FBI agents were murdered. The date was probably chosen for the murder of the agents because June 25-26, 1876 is the anniversary of Little Bighorn.

I think it is a pretty interesting “coincidence” that the Canadians chose that day to make their announcement.

June 26, 2006 is also the day that Phil DeStefano recommended that Churchill be fired.

Is the “coincidence” of these events what C.U. Ethnic Studies characterizes as a “star-aligned convergence of dribbling idiots”?

Now you brought up Jonbenet Ramsey. She was killed on December 26, 1996. Mao’s birthday.


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