Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tilting at Windmills!

"Hear me now Oh thou bleak and unbearable world,
Thou art base and debauched as can be;
And a knight with his banners all bravely unfurled,
Now hurls down his gauntlet to thee!
I am I, Don Quixote, The Lord of La Mancha,
My destiny calls and I go,
And the wild winds of fortune Will carry me onward,
Oh whithersoever they blow.
Whithersoever they blow, Onward to glory I go!"---Cervantes

Amazing 6-year-old Amanda performs "I, Don Quixote" from The Man of La Mancha at the historic El Campanil Theatre in Antioch, California.

Wikipedia writes:

"Man of La Mancha is a 1965 Broadway musical in one act which tells the story of the "mad" knight Don Quixote as a play within a play, performed by Miguel de Cervantes and his fellow prisoners as he awaits a hearing with the Spanish Inquisition. It is performed on a single set, arranged to suggest, vaguely, a dungeon."


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