Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Joseph H. Trimbach's Book "American Indian Mafia" Awaits Final touches

In Sepember 2007, the retired FBI official, Joseph H. Trimbach, told an organization of retired FBI agents that his long-awaited book about the American Indian Movement (AIM) would soon be available. The book is titled American Indian Mafia: An FBI Agent’s True Story About Wounded Knee, Leonard Peltier, and the American Indian Movement (AIM).

Mr. Trimbach told the retired FBI agents:

To those of you ordered my book, AMERICAN INDIAN MAFIA, please accept my apologies for this extended delay. We had to wait for our endorsers’ responses and now wait for indexing. We did receive very favorable comments from Judge Webster and Oliver North as well as from prominent Native American journalists. I expect to mail out the books by the end of October, maybe sooner. Regards, Joe Trimbach ‘56-’79.

Search "Trimbach" [or click here] on this site for more information about this book.

It is impressive that Mr. Trimbach's book is commented on by Judge William H. Webster. As his Wikipedia entry notes:

[Judge Webster] was a former federal judge who ascended to the CIA after his successful coups against the New York mafia families while director of the FBI under President Jimmy Carter. Judge Webster is the only American to serve as both Director of Central Intelligence and Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

I am very happy for Mr. Trimbach that he is finally going to be able to tell his side of the story about the AIM to the American people.

It is quite an honor to have prominent Native American journalists, a well-known political commentator such as Oliver North, and a public servant such as Judge Webster comment on Mr. Trimbach's book. I feel reaassured to know that Native American journalists, political commentators, and honorable public servants like Judge Webster and Mr. Trimbach are speaking out to defend the truth and protecting the freedoms all Americans enjoy.

Thank you, Mr. Trimbach!


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