Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Joe Trimbach Interviewed on "Talk of the Sun Coast" (1-11-08)

Photo credit: Talk show host Cliff Roles, left; Joseph Trimbach, center; John Trimbach on the right.

Retired FBI agent Joseph H. Trimbach and his son John are interviewed (1-11-08) about their new book American Indian Mafia on a Florida radio show called "Talk of the Sun Coast." Be patient while this long interview loads.
Details later!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was around some of the so-called leaders of AIM for a few years. I found them to all be void of real courage or honor. Especially Dennis Banks and Russell Means. They continue to take advantage of Indian people and anyone foolish enough to believe their lies and rhetoric. I will be happy when they are finally held accountable for their cowardice in the Annie Mae case. As for the book, Sitting Bull was not killed while resisting arrest, he was murdered in the furtherance of the governments policy of manifest destiny by the same type of Indian that is reflected in AIM's leaders.

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