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Paul Wolf Watch: The Fourth Installment

This is a picture of Paul Wolf, a so-called human rights lawyer who doesn't even seem to have a business address. [Scroll down to see my other posts about Paul Wolf here.]

Mr. Wolf claims to be heroically defending people's freedoms and human rights by writing exposés about American government agencies such as the FBI and CIA.

If Paul Wolf is interested in defending people's human rights, then why has he never publicized the fact that the lawyer for the American Indian Movement, Mark Lane, had a relationship with the KGB operative Genrikh Borovik?

This relationship was revealed in a book called The Sword and Shield, which was jointly written by a KGB defector named Vasili Mitrokhin and the head of the History Department at Cambridge University, Christopher Andrew.

The Sword and Shield reveals:

Though it dared not take the risk of contacting [Mark] Lane directly, the New York [KGB] residency sent him 1,500 dollars to help finance his research through the intermediary of a close friend whom Lane's KGB file identifies only as a trusted contact. While Lane was not told the source of the money, the residency suspected that he might have guessed where it came from; it was also concerned that the secret subsidy might be discovered by the FBI.

The same intermediary provided 500 dollars to pay for a trip by Lane to Europe in 1964. While there, Lane asked to visit Moscow in order to discuss some of the material he had found. The Centre [ie KGB headquarters] regretfully concluded that inviting him to Russia would reveal its hand in too blatant a way and his proposed trip was "tactfully postponed." Trusted contacts were, however, selected from among Soviet journalists to encourage him in his research. Among them was the KGB agent Genrikh Borovik, who later maintained regular contact with Lane. [Page 228; but Mark Lane is discussed throughout Chapter 14.]

Genrikh Borovik was not any ordinary KGB active measures operative; he was the brother-in-law of the late Vladimir Kryuchkov.

Vladimir Kryuchkov became the head of the foreign directorate of the KGB in 1974 and deputy chairman of the entire KGB in 1978 (Jeremy R. Azrael. The KGB in Kremlin Politics. Rand/UCLA Feb 1989. p. 41).

Vladimir Kyrychkov eventually became the head of the entire KGB and even orchestrated the kidnapping of the General Secretary of the Communist Party and the leader of the Soviet Union Mikail Gorbachev. After a while, Kryuchkov was pardoned.

Mark Lane tried to take materials that could be used for bombs
(probably large quantities sanitary napkins that could be used as the plugs for molotov cocktails) into the Indian village of Wounded Knee on Pine Ridge Indian reservation. The FBI confiscated most of the contraband because they believed they would be used as the plugs for molotov cocktails.

The former FBI agent Joseph H. Trimbach has written:

On one occasion, attorney Mark Lane arrived at one of the roadblocks. The Agent on duty opened the trunk of [Mark Lane's] car and reported back to me that he had found materials that could be used to make Molotov cocktails. The Agent detained him and radioed back for permission to place lane under arrest. I relayed the request to the Assistant U.S. Attorney. After a short pause, he vetoed that suggestion and Lane was allowed to proceed, without the contraband. The following year I was called to testify about what happened March 8th. The lawyer who cross-examined me was the same man, Mark Lane. (American Indian Mafia. p. 122; June 28, 2005 letter from Joanne Pierce to Joe Trimbach)

Why is it that Paul Wolf--who claims he wants to protect our freedoms and civil rights--never tells us or the United Nations that a person with links to a violent terrorist organization--the KGB--was taking components for bombs into a tiny Indian town?

A few years after the violence at Wounded Knee, Mark Lane and Charles Garry---the lawyers for the doomed people of the People's Temple at Jonestown---would manage to save themselves and escape into the jungle when almost all their clients were murdered at Jonestown. [Charles Garry was also the lawyer for the Black Panthers Huey Newton and Bobby Seale.]

After Mark Lane saved himself and almost all his People's Temple clients died, Mark Lane wrote a book that claimed that the CIA had murdered the people at Jonestown. That's some nerve, coming from a man who had a relationship with the KGB operative Genrikh Borovik, the brother-in-law of Vladimir Kryuchkov.

I find it really disturbing that Mark Lane, a person who had a relationship with a terrorist organization--the KGB--was on the scene at Wounded Knee and Jonestown. I think it's a really doubtful that Mark Lane---who collaborated with the KGB and wrote conspiracy theories against the American government--was representing the interests of Indians or the more than 900 tragically confused people who were murdered at Jonestown.

Here are Paul Wolf's various documents on COINTELPRO here, here, and here.

The lawyer doesn’t even disclose an address on his homesites here and here!

Scroll down and read all Paul Wolf's claims.

I think that Paul Wolf's real goal is to to hobble and discredit
the FBI and CIA so that Americans and people in other countries aren’t protected from the enemies of our freedoms and civil rights such as the KGB and Middle Eastern terrorists.

I think that Paul Wolf is the opposite of what he claims to be. Why does he only notice the FBI and CIA? Why doesn’t he tell readers about Mark Lane and the KGB?

Paul Wolf represents himself as an "expert" on COINTELPRO, but he doesn't tell people what the head FBI agent at Pine Ridge Joe Trimbach said about COINTELPRO:

As for my role in the secret program to "provoke" selfless heroes, I had heard of COINTELPRO in conjunction with FBI operations of the 1960s but was not involved with it, and certainly never used it against AIM.-- American Indian Mafia p. 28.

Notice that Paul Wolf sent lies and slanders about our country to the U.N. so that people in other countries would hate us, not want to work together with us, and perhaps be incited to attack us.

I don't think that Paul Wolf is protecting the rights and civil liberties of Americans and people in other countries. I think he is trying to empower evil people who want to discredit my country and destroy my freedoms and the freedoms of people all over the world.

I think that the KGB may even have been involved in the killings at Wounded Knee and Jonestown. Vasili Mitrokhin and Christopher Andrew have written that during the 1970s KGB terrorists stirred up racial strife and even exploded a bomb in a black neighborhood and then blamed Jews:

[T]he [KGB] Centre implemented a series of active measures designed to weaken the internal cohesion of the United States and undermine its international reputation by inciting race hatred. In 1971 Andropov personally approved the fabrication of pamphlets full of racist insults purporting to come from the extremist Jewish Defense League, headed by Meir Kahane, calling for a campaign against the "black mongrels" who, it was claimed, were attacking Jews and looting Jewish shops. Thirty pamphlets were mailed to a series of militant black groups in the hope of producing "mass disorders in New York." At the same time forged letters were sent to sixty black organizations giving fictitious details of atrocities committed by the League against blacks and calling for vengeance against Kahane and his chief lieutenants. Probably to the Centre's disappointment, Kahane was assassinated some years later, not by a black militant but by an Arab.

On at least one occasion, the Centre ordered the use of explosives to exacerbate racial tensions in New York. On July 25, 1971 the head of the FCD First (North American) Department, Anatoli Tikhonovich Kireyev, instructed the New York residency to proceed with operation PANDORA: the planting of a delayed-action explosive package in "the Negro section of New York." Kireyev's preferred target was "one of the Negro colleges." After the explosion the residency was ordered to make anonymous telephone calls to two or three black organizations, claiming that the explosion was the work of the Jewish Defense League. [The Sword and Shield. Page 238]

That is how the KGB do terrorism. They orchestrate some violence and then blame an enemy such as the FBI, the CIA, and--of course--the Jews. Some people think that in 1991 the KGB killed hundreds of their own citizens when they blew up apartments in Russia and then blamed it on the Chechens.

Senator John McCain has stated (11-4-2003):

Under President Putin, Russian citizens in Chechnya have suffered crimes against humanity at the hands of Russian military forces. It was during Mr. Putin's tenure as Prime Minister in 1999 that he launched the Second Chechen War following the Moscow apartment bombings. There remain credible allegations that Russia's FSB had a hand in carrying out these attacks. Mr. Putin ascended to the presidency in 2000 by pointing a finger at the Chechens for committing these crimes, launching a new military campaign in Chechnya, and riding a frenzy of public anger into office.


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