Monday, August 25, 2008

Does Ben Whitmer Have a New Hairdo?

Today it was reported by the Rocky Mountain News that yesterday (8-24-08) Ward Churchill's security roughed up a FOX News reporter named Griff Jenkins after Jenkins allegedly "put his hands" on the discredited ex-professor Ward Churchill.

Video shows that Jenkins was only trying to interview Ward Churchill.

Glenn Spagnuolo, a leader of Recreate 68, told the Rocky Mountain News (8-24-08):

"Our security pushed him away from (Churchill) because nobody touches Ward while he's here...As soon as he put his hands on him, security moved him away."

The video I have seen only shows Churchill's security roughing up Jenkins.

UPDATE: See a later post and video of Churchill grabbing Jenkin's hand and shoving his microphone as Jenkins approaches Churchill for an interview.

I looked at the picture of Churchill flanked by his security detail (above H/T Drunkablog) and noticed the tattoo on the left lower arm of the man on Ward Churchill's right side.

That tattoo is a lot like the tattoo that Ward Churchill's acolyte Ben Whitmer (shown above in a picture from Westword, 1-18-07) also sports on his left arm! Drunkablog commenter Fred noticed the similar tattoos.

Is this tattooed He-Man in the first picture Ben Whitmer with hair and a beard? Enquiring minds want to know!

The alleged incident with the FOX reporter is a lot like an incident that happened when a reporter named Heath Urie tried to attend a lecture Ward Churchill was giving at the University of Colorado.

Here is video from yesterday that reportedly followed the alleged "touching" of Wardo's person.

UPDATE: Here is a second video [Same thing here] of FOX News reporter Griff Jenkins trying to interview Churchill. I don't see him touching Churchill.

According to the Rocky Mountain News (8-24-08):

Security at an anti-war rally outside the state Capitol this morning allegedly had to break up a confrontation between a Fox News reporter and Ward Churchill...

Churchill...was hounded by the persistent reporter, who allegedly put his hands on Churchill, organizer Glenn Spagnuolo said.

The reporter, Griff Jenkins, could not be immediately reached for comment.

In video footage of the incident, demonstrators surrounded Jenkins after the alleged confrontation between the reporter and Churchill.

"We're not going to stand for your lies," a demonstrator yells.

Spagnuolo said the reporter put his hands on Churchill.

The reporter "decided he wanted to be part of the news instead of reporting the news and wanted to mix it up with Ward Churchill for some reason," Spagnuolo said.

Spagnuolo said the reporter got out of hand.

"Our security pushed him away from (Churchill) because nobody touches Ward while he's here," Spagnuolo said. "As soon as he put his hands on him, security moved him away."

As I mentioned above, this whole alleged incident reminds me a lot of an earlier close encounter that involved Ben Whitmer, Josh Dillabaugh, Ward Churchill and the Boulder Daily Camera reporter Heath Urie.


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