Sunday, October 19, 2008

Did Bill Ayers Ghostwrite Senator Obama's Memoir?

The Republican Party (10-6-08) is pointing out that Senator Obama has a relationship with the Weatherman terrorist turned teacher Bill Ayers.

UDATE: See an article about Bill Ayers' revolutionary terrorist manifesto, Prairie Fire (1974).

Some websites are also speculating that Bill Ayers helped Senator Obama write his memoir Dreams From My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance (1995).

A writer named Jack Cashill, who published a 2005 book on intellectual fraud titled Hoodwinked: How Intellectual Hucksters Have Hijacked American Culture (reviewed here), is posting a series of articles questioning the authorship of Senator Obama's Dreams From My Father.

This is a pretty ominous development for Senator Obama because Jack Cashill exposed some of the discredited ex-professor Ward Churchill's frauds in Hoodwinked and subsequently published an article based on excerpts from Hoodwinked called "Little Eichmanns" (6-22-05).

Cashill thinks that Senator Obama's Dreams of My Father bears a striking resemblance to books authored by Bill Ayers' such as To Teach (1993), A Kind and Just Parent (1997), and Fugitive Days (2001).

Below are the articles Jack Cashill has published so far. I am updating this page as more articles are published:

"Who wrote Dreams From My Father?" (7-31-08)

"Did Bill Ayers Write Obama’s Dreams?" (Part 1 of 3) (9-18-08)

"Did Bill Ayers Write Obama’s Dreams?" (Part II: Deconstructing the Text) (9-19-08)

"Did Bill Ayers Write Obama’s Dreams?" (Part III: Why it Matters ) (9-20-08)

"More Proof Ayers Ghosted Obama's Dreams" (9-25-08)

"Obama’s Poems Show Real Talent Level" (10-2-08)

"Roots’ Fraud Set Standard For Obama’s" (10-9-08)

"Who Wrote Dreams From My Father?" (10-9-08)

"Obama did not write Dreams From My Father" (10-13-08)

"Nautical Metaphors Could Sink Obama" (10-14-08)

"Evidence Mounts: Ayers Co-Wrote Obama's Dreams" (10-17-08)

Test shows Ayers penned Obama's 'Dreams' (10-19-08)

"More Evidence That Ayers Ghosted Obama’s Dreams" (10-20-08)

"Ayers’ Role in Obama’s Dreams Poised To Break Out" (10-23-08)

"Barack Obama: Bill Ayers’ Alter Ego" (October 2008)

"Fiction Fixer Evaluation of Dreams From My Father by Barack Obama and Fugitive Days by William Ayers" (10-27-08)

"Science points to Ayers' authorship of Obama's Dreams" (10-29-08) [See also WND article (10-29-08)and summary (10-29-08) of Dr. Cashill's findings]

"London Times Inquires About Dreams Fraud" (11-1-08)

"Yavelow Study Confirms Ayers Hand In Obama's Dreams" (11-2-08)

Finish Your "Oxford" Study, Mr. Millican (11-3-08)

Oxford Don Trips Badly On “Dreams” Analysis (11-3-08)

Cashill is interviewed on The Rusty Humphries Show (10-15-08).

Cashill's recent articles about Senator Obama are here.

Two recent articles on this issue are also linked here.

Here is Jack Cashill's World net Daily Archive.

Senator Obama wrote an article in 1988 for Illinois Issues called "Why Organize? Problems and promise in the inner city." (See Cashill's 10-13-08 article referencing Obama's 1988 article.)


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