Thursday, January 22, 2009

Billy Ayers Comments on the Authorship of President Obama's 1995 Autobiography, "Dreams from My Father"

"[Barack Obama] is a talented and well-educated and erudite and articulate guy and he wrote two really brilliant and well-written memoirs. But somebody [Jack Cashill] did a textual analysis that proved that the nautical images in Fugitive Days were similar to [Obama's Dreams from My Father] and I was the ghostwriter...It's amazing where the paranoid mind can take you."---Weather Underground Terrorist Billy Ayers (Salon 11-17-08, page 2)

Billy Ayers didn't flatly deny that he had a hand in Obama's book. He just called Dr. Jack Cashill paranoid.

President Obama says that he is for transparency. Will he make a public statement affirming or denying that Billy Ayers had a hand in writing his 1995 autobiography Dreams from My Father?


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