Saturday, February 07, 2009

Investigators Plan Two-Day "Pow-Wow" to Review Evidence in the JonBenet Ramsey Murder

"We'd love to solve this case for JonBenet so she can rest in peace."--Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner [See also the Boulder Police Department press release- Police reactivate Ramsey case, appoint advisory multi-agency task force (2-2-09).]

Here is a story about this sweet little kindergarten girl:

One year, one of JonBenét’s classmates brought cupcakes to school because it was her birthday. Unfortunately, the mother had miscounted and come up with one cupcake short of the number of children in the class. Everyone was in a quandary, and the little girl didn’t feel like she should have to give her own cupcake away. “Why don’t we cut my cupcake in half?” JonBenét suggested. “That’s a good idea,” the teacher replied. “Then everyone can have one.” “Fine,” JonBenét replied. “I’ll take one of the halves and someone can eat the other one.” The teacher reported this incident to Charles Elbot, the principal of the school, who awarded JonBenét one of his “I caught you being good” rewards for her thoughtfulness. Boy was she ever proud!

The Rocky Mountain News (2-3-09) reports that city, state, and federal law enforcement authorities are planning a two-day "pow-wow" in the next few weeks to review the evidence in the December 26, 1996 murder of JonBenet Ramsey. [See also the Boulder Police press release of 2-2-09.]

The Rocky Mountain News (2-3-09) reports:

[The Boulder, Colorado Police Department] plans to approach the homicide as a "cold case," and [Chief of Police Mark Beckner] has invited a team of veteran investigators from several state and federal agencies to participate in an "advisory task force."

The group will meet for a two-day "pow-wow" sometime in the next few weeks to review evidence in the case and identify additional testing that might be done.

The task force's goal is to "explore all possible theories about what happened the night JonBenet was killed," Beckner said. He said he wants to go into the two-day meeting "clean" and with no preconceived notions.

"We are open to all possibilities," he said.

The task force will include about 20 people from nine outside agencies, including the FBI, Colorado Bureau of Investigation, Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, state attorney general's office and Denver Police Department.

"This effort will be focused on reviewing the case and evidence from beginning to end in the hope that we will come up with new ideas on efforts that could lead to additional evidence," Beckner said. "We are doing this for JonBenet."...

While the list of participants in the advisory task force is still being finalized, the following agencies have agreed to send one or more representatives:

* Colorado Bureau of Investigation
* Boulder district attorney's office

* Telluride Police Department
* Boulder County Sheriff's Office
* Jefferson County Sheriff's Office
* Attorney general's office
* Denver district attorney's office
* Denver Police Department


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