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Tonight University of Colorado Students Should Ask Leonard Crow Dog Where Perry Ray Robinson is Buried

"Because [the Canadian Indian Anna Mae Aquash] was at Wounded Knee when Robinson was shot, some believe that her death is connected to the Robinson murder. She apparently knew more than just the truth about Leonard Peltier's crimes. Soon the wheels of justice may come to a stop at a very green area near Wounded Knee Creek, not far from the village ruins."--Former FBI Special Agent in Charge, Joseph H. Trimbach, American Indian Mafia, updated edition. [Scroll down and see the Trimbachs interviewed by Jenna Spotted Wolf on the T.V. program Native View.]

Above is a picture of Perry Ray Robinson. He was "disappeared" in 1973 during the American Indian Movement's (AIM's) violent occupation of the Lakota village of Wounded Knee in South Dakota. Perry Ray Robinson's wife and two children don't know what happened to him or where his remains lie.

An AP (1-16-04) story reprinted by News from Indian Country reports:

"Reliable sources let it be known positively that Ray had been shot and killed at Wounded Knee by an Indian man and buried there. We have been told that a participant in Wounded Knee has heard a definite confession from the man who did it," Cheryl Robinson wrote in a February 1975 request for a meeting with AIM.

According to News from Indian Country:

Perry Ray Robinson Jr., was a civil rights activist who worked with Martin Luther King, Jesse Jackson and Andrew Young in the the south during the 1960's. Robinson went to Wounded Knee in 1973 to support the American Indian Movement, was seen inside during the occupation, but was never heard from again after April 25, 1973 after a confrontation with AIM Security guards Carter Camp, David Hill and Leonard Crow Dog inside the village.

This evening (2-6-09), Leonard Crow Dog---this sinister AIMster who has information about where Perry Ray Robinson and others "disappeared" by the AIM are buried---will be commemorating the pea-brained Peltier at the University of Colorado:

Colorado Daily (2-3-09) reports:

BOULDER, Colo. — A special event commemorating the 33rd anniversary of the arrest and imprisonment of Leonard Peltier will be held in Math 100 on the University of Colorado campus at 7 p.m. Friday.
Hosted by the Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee, and CU student groups 180 Degree Shift at the 11th Hour and Indigenous Support network, the event will feature speaker Chief Leonard Crow Dog, performances by Aztec dancers Grupo Tlaloc and more.

For more information, call 720-231-6987.

I think that the C.U. students should ask Leonard Crow Dog what happened to Perry Ray Robinson and the others who were "disappeared" in 1973 during the violent AIM occupation of Wounded Knee.

A former member of the AIM has told the retired FBI Special Agent Joseph H. Trimbach that Leonard Crow Dog claims to have information about where a number of unknown people murdered by the AIM are buried.

In American Indian Mafia (updated edition), former FBI Special Agent in Charge Joe Trimbach and his son John write:

History tells us that, when it comes to preserving the legacy of the occupation as a "liberation," there is a lot of shoveling to do. A former AIM member informed me that at least one of the old guard is worried. In one of his more lucid moments, AIM's spiritual advisor, Leonard Crow Dog, warned that at least seven spirits haunt the village ruins. He urged a land purchase of the area in order to prevent a gastly discovery. To illustrate, Crow Dog drew lines in the sand and a map while explaining to this Indian, "there's a Mexican, an Italian, a black man, three white women..." Could these be the forgotten souls AIM members do not want people to know about? Was it feared their departure might compromise internal security, should they decide to cooperate with authorities once safely inside a hospital recovery room? Without more evidence, concerns that excavation might disturb sacred ground has outweighed the desire to solve murder mysteries. Some Indians believe it is better to let the dead rest in peace. But others fear that the fallen remain anonymous so as to protect their betrayers, and the legacy already recorded. With the possible exception of Ray Robinson, the deaths remain shrouded in secrecy. The history books consider them all, even Robinson, unworthy of mention.

Recent events, however, offer renewed help for the victims' families. On August 20, 2008, Russell Means' former bodyguard, Richard Marshall, was indicted for aiding and abetting the murder of Anna Mae Aquash. Because Anna Mae was at Wounded Knee when Robinson was shot, some believe that her death is connected to the Robinson murder. She apparently knew more than just the truth about Leonard Peltier's crimes. Soon the wheels of justice may come to a stop at a very green area near Wounded Knee Creek, not far from the village ruins. [American Indian Mafia, 323-324.]

Trimbachs' American Indian Mafia has the scoop on the low-life Leonard Crow Dog, and it isn't a pretty picture. You can buy a copy of this book at Amazon or Barnes and Noble. The e-book is five dollars.

Joseph H. Trimbach reminds me of the Russian writer Solzhenitsyn because he has also devoted himself to telling an unknown history of our country even though he has been attacked and vilified by criminals who murder people and bury them in anonymous graves. Joseph Trimbach and his son John have interviewed many Indians for their book to uncover the truth just as Solzhenitsyn interviewed many Soviet victims of oppression so that they also could testify about a tragic history that nobody wanted to hear.

Now, Indian journalists are also interviewing the Trimbachs. Scroll down on this list of their appearances to see videos of the Trimbachs being interviewed by Jenna Spotted Wolf on the TV program Native View.

Joseph and John Trimbach are real human rights activists; they are American heroes, unlike the violent, lying criminals who hypocritcially masquerade as Indian rights activists, Leonard Peltier and Leonard Crow Dog.


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