Saturday, February 21, 2009

Law Enforcement Holding "Pow Wow" about JonBenet Ramsey Murder

"One year, one of JonBenét’s classmates brought cupcakes to school because it was her birthday. Unfortunately, the mother had miscounted and come up with one cupcake short of the number of children in the class. Everyone was in a quandary, and the little girl didn’t feel like she should have to give her own cupcake away. 'Why don’t we cut my cupcake in half?' JonBenét suggested. 'That’s a good idea,' the teacher replied. 'Then everyone can have one.' 'Fine,' JonBenét replied. 'I’ll take one of the halves and someone can eat the other one.” The teacher reported this incident to Charles Elbot, the principal of the school, who awarded JonBenét one of his 'I caught you being good' rewards for her thoughtfulness. Boy was she ever proud!"--Ramsey facts

On February 3, 2009, The Rocky Mountain News reported that city, state, and federal law enforcement authorities were planning a two-day "pow-wow" in the next few weeks to review the evidence in the December 26, 1996 murder of JonBenet Ramsey. [See also the Boulder Police press release of 2-2-09 and my earlier post here.] I suppose the authorities must be having their "pow wow" just about now.

Soon, it may even be possible for forensic experts to use the DNA found both inside JonBenet's underwear and on the waistband of her pajamas to create a computer-generated image of the killer's face, and perhaps someday soon the evil kindermord's likeness will emerge from his DNA and even be published in the Rocky Mountain News and on the Internet.

The Daily Mail (2-17-09) reports:

Forensic experts will soon be able to reconstruct facial features and skin just by reading DNA, U.S. scientists said.'Forensic molecular photofitting' maps the genes that are linked to skin pigmentation and facial structure which means a person's face could emerge from the analysis...[More]


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