Sunday, March 08, 2009

Back by Popular Demand: Ward Churchill Ties His Shoelaces...Together!

“I really have to cite this to people who are capable of tying their shoes without instructions?” ---Ward Churchill

On January 5, 2008, I "deconstructed" (I think) a few paragraphs of Ward Churchill's infamous 9-11 essay "Some People Push Back."

Ward Churchill sure does make a lot of goofy mistakes in his 9-11 essay. Even crazy Snapple can see that! In fact, some "contributor" (heh) to the (now defunct) Maoist MIM site tries to paper-over a few of the more obvious errors. The result is an even bigger mess!

I have gone back and cleaned up my old 1-5-08 post so that the presentation would be less confusing, and I am linking to my old post today because Ward Churchill's lawsuit against the University of Colorado starts tomorrow.

It's really strange that no college professors ever commented on the spelling, chronological, and factual errors in der Perfesser's idiotic essay. If Ward Churchill were an expert on the UN sanctions, he would not have made such retarded mistakes.


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