Friday, April 03, 2009

He's Baaack!

"I have these delightful visions which is what puts me to sleep at night of Madeleine Albright, Jesse Helms, and Henry Kissinger all in a nice neat little row with nooses around their necks."---[audio]---Ward Churchill 3-25-05

"Tell 'em you'll put the butt out when they snuff the kid and not a moment before. Better yet, tell 'em they should snuff themselves, as well as the kid, and do the planet a real favor. Just 'kidding' (heh-heh)."--Ward Churchill "joking" in three books

The Boulder propagandist Ward Churchill won a victory in federal court on 4-2-09 and says he wants his teaching job back.

Churchill is always writing about who should be hanged, snuffed, fragged, incinerated, dismembered, and shot. He even "jokes" in three of his "scholarly" books that mothers should "snuff" their babies and kill themselves to "do the planet a real favor." Ward Churchill thinks that mothers and babies use too many natural resources.

Nobody at the University of Colorado thought there was anything particularly strange about that. Nobody thought it was strange that he published an anti-FBI article in a KGB mouthpiece. Churchill claimed in the KGB-sponsored "Covert Action Information Bulletin" that the FBI sponsored death-squads that killed 342 Indian on Pine Ridge Indian reservation during the 1970s.

Ward Churchill especially hates former U.N. Ambassador and Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. In his essay "Some People Push Back," Churchill falsifies the historical record in order to blame Albright instead of Saddam and his corrupt business partners in the U.N. Oil-for-Food Program for the suffering of Iraqi children. The Wardo never even mentions that the U.N. put sanctions on Iraq so they would not invade and annex Kuwait again.

Churchill pens incredibly rich, detailed, elaborate, and violent fantasies which climax in the act of murder. Here is Ward Churchill, telling us his fantasies:

"[R]everies of malignant toads like Henry Kissinger, Madeleine Albright and Jesse Helms squatting in the shadows of the gallows are simply too pleasant to be suppressed." [2003 Introduction to Churchill's book Acts of Rebellion; cited by Bruce Fein, "Professorship not a License" 2-15-05]

"I have these delightful visions which is what puts me to sleep at night of Madeleine Albright, Jesse Helms, and Henry Kissinger all in a nice neat little row with nooses around their necks and [audience applause]... And the current crop is amply entitled to the same destiny as far as I'm concerned. Do I think anybody's going to do it? Well, that's an interesting question. Who would be doing it? There's only one possible answer: you. We. Us."..." [audio]---Ward Churchill 3-25-05

"Were the opportunity acted upon in some reasonably good faith fashion – a sufficiently large number of Americans rising up and doing whatever is necessary to force an immediate lifting of the sanctions on Iraq, for instance, or maybe hanging a few of America's abundant supply of major war criminals (Henry Kissinger comes quickly to mind, as do Madeline [sic, Madeleine] Albright, Colin Powell, Bill Clinton and George the Elder) – there is every reason to expect that military operations against the US on its domestic front would be immediately suspended." [Ward Churchill, "Some People Push Back."]

"There are currently no fewer than 24 books in print concerning the Jonbenet Ramsey case."--Discredited ex-Professor and American Indian Movement (AIM) Activist Ward Churchill (Perversions of Justice, p. 402).

Ironically, Ward Churchill piled all his books up in federal court so he could impress the jury. I think even one of Ward Churchill's books is a total waste of natural resources because each book is full of lies. The Wardo even writes about the garrotted JonBenet Ramsey in the same paragraph as he writes that the object of his hatred, Madeleine Albright, deserves to be tried as a baby-killer and hanged.

"Every wide-eyed little waif starving to death in Iraq and the reservations of Native North America is of a value identical to that with which a Jonbenet Ramsey or Danielle van Dam is currently imbued. From this realization, had it occurred, one could hope that certain conclusions might accrue, conclusions resulting not just in an American "regime change," but in an alteration of public sensibility that left the likes of Henry Kissinger and Madeleine Albright sitting where by rights they belong: in a defendants' dock overshadowed by the gallows.

At the very least, it was reasonable to expect that it might at last dawn on average folk that, to quote Georgia State University law professor Natsu Saito, 'if Americans want their own kids to be safe again, the way to make it happen is really not very complicated---stop killing other people's babies.'" (Perversions of Justice, p. 370; Note: Natsu Saito is Churchill's current wife.)


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