Thursday, April 02, 2009

Ward Churchill Complains That There Are Too Many Books About JonBenet Ramsey!

"There are currently no fewer than 24 books in print concerning the Jonbenet Ramsey case."--Discredited ex-Professor and American Indian Movement (AIM) Activist Ward Churchill (Perversions of Justice, p. 402).

He counted them.

Yet Ward Churchill displayed a huge stack of his worthless books to impress the jury in his lawsuit against the University of Colorado. I think that even one of Ward Churchill's books is a total waste of resources because it is nothing but a pack of lies.

Ward Churchill expresses compassion for starving Iraqi children in his 9-11 essay "Some People Push Back," but he "jokes" in three of those so-called "scholarly" books displayed in the courtroom that American mothers should "snuff" their babies and kill themselves to "do the planet a real favor." According to Ward Churchill, mothers and babies use too many natural resources.

Ward Churchill writes in Perversions of Justice about the garrotted Jonbenet Ramsey in the same paragraph as he writes that the special object of his hatred, the "babykiller" Madeleine Albright, should be in a defendants' dock overshadowed by the gallows.

Ward Churchill cries crockodile tears for suffering Iraqi children, but the Wardo does not love the little children of the world. Did he ever object when Saddam gassed the Kurds or invaded Kuwait? Did he ever "speak truth to power" when Saddam evaded the oil-for-food requirements so that he could buy what he wanted instead of food? Give me a break!

Ward Churchill is the one who wastes resources. Millions of taxpayers' dollars are being spent to clean up his toxic spills that pollute the stream of our American History. That's more money than I spent to raise my babies. That's more than was spent on the wealthy JonBenet Ramsey. That's certainly more than is spent on an impoverished Iraqi child or an American Indian child on a reservation.

CU maintained that Ward Churchill's terroristic 9-11 essay "Some People Push Back" is protected free speech, so this essay was not studied as evidence of research misconduct. In that protected speech, the tenured politician Ward Churchill called for Americans to "rise up" and lynch politicians such as Madeleine Albright. This essay is no different than Ward Churchill's so-called "scholarship." "Some People Push Back" is like all of Churchill's work; it is full of errors, distortions, falsehoods, omissions, and vicious calls for violence.

The CU scholars did not even study the anti-FBI screed Churchill published in a KGB mouthpiece called "The Covert Action Information Bulletin." Ward Churchill claimed that the FBI backed death-squads that murdered 342 Indians on Pine Ridge. Why didn't CU study that? Maybe CU should worry a little less about FOX News and a little more about the KGB peer-reviewing their "scholars."

Ward Churchill is not a scholar. He is a white man who pretends to be an Indian so that he can speak as an Indian. He denigrates Indians he doesn't like as "Vichy Indians" and "puppets" with "Quisling impulses." For Churchill, the only good Indian is a Ward Indian. Ward Churchill calls some Indians "stooges," but Ward Churchill is a stooge for the KGB and Saddam Hussein.

Ward Churchill's canard about the U.S. Army deliberately distributing blankets infected with smallpox is no different than the KGB canard that the U.S. Army made AIDS to kill black people. His own cited sources do not support his claim, and he keeps changing his story when confronted with his lies.

In "Some People Push Back," the Wardo can't even spell Madeleine Albright or the name of the U.N. oil-for-food official Denis Halliday. Churchill claims that Albright "responded" in 1996 to Halliday's 1998 allegations of "genocide." Ward Churchill claims that Halliday called the sanctions "genocide" in the New York Times in fall, 1998. I can't find that quote in the Times. Besides, Denis Halliday was a high U.N. official in the oil for food program, not a reliable source.

If you study "Some People Push Back," you will see that it is no different than the Wardo's "scholarship." It is full of vicious lies, terroristic threats, and sick "jokes."

I don't know if the young jury will be able to see through Ward Churchill, but I see what he is.


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