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Ward Churchill Denigrates Indians He Doesn't Like as "Vichy Indians"

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"We think that the First Amendment issue is a smokescreen," said Ken McConnellogue, spokesman for the CU system. "They are contending that the university investigated [Ward Churchill's] work as retaliation, but he can't use his reputation as a controversial speaker to justify lying and plagiarism in his scholarship."--Boulder Daily Camera (3-7-09)

Tomorrow, Monday March 9, 2009, Ward Churchill's lawsuit against the University of Colorado gets underway. The dishonest scholar was fired for research misconduct and is suing to get his job back. I want the University of Colorado to win this lawsuit.

The Denver Post (3-8-09) reports:

Ward Churchill is heading to court in the hopes of getting back his professor's job at the University of Colorado.

Churchill says C-U fired him in 2007 because of an essay he wrote about the Sept. 11 attacks. His essay said the attacks were triggered by an unjust U-S foreign policy and likened those killed in the World Trade Center to "little Eichmans," a reference to Nazi Adolf Eichman.

Churchill was a tenured professor of ethnic studies.
The university fired Churchill on plagiarism allegations after an investigation that began amid the furor over the Eichmann comment.

Three committees of faculty members from Colorado and other universities accused Churchill of plagiarism, fabrication and other research misconduct.

Ward Churchill can't argue that he is an honest scholar, so this is plan B. He thinks he shouldn't be fired because he has a BIG MOUTH in addition to a BIG LIE.

Just because CU was late noticing that Ward Churchill is a vicious, sick, bully who is always denigrating people doesn't change the fact that "[t]hree committees of faculty members from Colorado and other universities accused Ward Churchill of plagiarism, fabrication and other research misconduct."

The American public finally noticed something was wrong when Ward Churchill denigrated the 9-11 victims by calling them "little Eichmanns." Churchill had published an essay called "Some People Push Back" right after 9-11-01, but the essay only received national publicity in early 2005.

Denigrating victimized people is nothing new for Ward Churchill who also characterizes Indian people who don't kow-tow to his party line as government stooges---"hang around the fort" Indians, " "Vichy Indians," "Quislings," and "puppets."

I think that saying a person is a "little Eichmann and a "Vichy Indian" is pretty much the same thing.

CU should have noticed this kind of smear of Indian people. Scholars should not have given Churchill a platform for his anti-Indian agenda, but I guess they fell for his hypocritical and cunning pro-Indian masquerade. Churchill even claimed he was an Indian so people wouldn't listen to real Indians.

Ethnic studies shouldn't be denigrating Indian people who don't agree with Churchill's politics and making saints of those who support his politics.

In Struggle for the Land (p. 369) Ward Churchill denigrates Indians he doesn't like as "hang around the fort Indians." On pages 369 and 399 he denigrates some Indians as "Vichy Indians." On page 370 he calls some Indian leaders "craven puppets" with "Quisling impulses." Churchill is calling these Indians NAZI collaborators.

When Churchill wrote his essay "Some People Push Back" and called the 9-11 victims "Little Eichmanns," the American people and their leaders got angry and CU had to respond. This politicized the issue.

Still, there must have been some heavy politics that protected Churchill for so long. Politics may well explain why CU scholars didn't listen in 1996 and 1999 when the Sioux legal scholar Dr. LaVelle exposed Ward Churchill's dishonest scholarship. I think Churchill tried to dismiss Dr. LaVelle with some derogatory name like "snot nosed." Dr. LaVelle has a degree from Harvard.

I get pretty mad when I see elected Indian leaders denigrated in Churchill's books as government stooges. These smears don't have a lot of credibility with me because I know that Ward Churchill cut his teeth writing for the KGB-sponsored "Covert Action Information Bulletin." In this KGB mouthpiece Churchill claimed that the FBI backed death-squads that murdered 342 Indians. This lie is nothing but KGB propaganda against the FBI, but it hurts relations between people in our country.

Read this pack of KGB lies [Covert Action Information Bulletin, Number 24 (Summer 1985), pp. 16-21] for yourself and decide who is the government stooge, Indians or the white man Ward Churchill. Read more about this publication in my first post.

A book by the British scholar Christopher Andrew and the Soviet defector Vasili Mitrokhin states that the Soviet KGB supplied the C.A.I.B. with propaganda designed to compromise the American government. [The Sword and Shield pages 232-234; See also my post about the Mitrokhin Archive].


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