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The 9-11 Truth Movement: a Conspiracist Cult That Masquerades as Science

The 9-11 Truth movement is a cult whose adherents promote various pseudo-scientific conspiracy theories about the 9-11 terrorist attack, the anthrax mailings, the H1N1 flu, and so on.

The Truthers' conspiracy theories are a lot like the KGB's "AIDS made in America" propaganda campaign because these conspiracies all blame the government and its collaborating scientists for masterminding deliberate scientific hoaxes. The Truthers' pseudo-scientific canards remind me of "Scientific" Marxism-Leninism and Nazi anti-Semitism; both movements were conspiracist, pseudo-scientific cults that masqueraded as "science."

In 1987, members of the Soviet Academy of Sciences bravely distanced themselves from the KGB's AIDS propaganda campaign; and in 1992, KGB chief Primakov finally admitted that the KGB had spread the lie that the U.S. Army deliberately made AIDS to kill black people. The CIA has recently posted an unclassified study of the KGB's AIDS propaganda campaign, which was called "Operation INFEKTION." According to the study:

US-based KGB officers [probably] initiated the AIDS campaign, or at least collected the material that triggered the idea. The KGB had large residencies in New York City and Washington, DC, both of which were assigned officers who worked solely on active measures.

Recently, a mentally-ill man---who was reportedly inspired by these irresponsible and mendacious 9-11 Truther conspiracies---shot and wounded two policemen during rush-hour in the metro station that serves the Pentagon and was killed by return fire.

At a March 6-7, 2010 "Treason in America: 911, the Wars & Our Broken Constitution" Truther Conference, the Truther Sander Hicks laughably claimed to be a scientist (scroll to video), although his actual job is playing music in a church.

Hicks published lies about 9-11 that were fabricated by a cocaine dealer, pedophile, and child-pornographer named Delmart Vreeland, who is now in Colorado's Buena Vista Correctional Complex for 336 years to life. Vreeland's pathetic alibi was that the government was "framing him" with fabricated charges because he found out "the truth" about 9-11. It is not unheard of for con-men invent anti-government conspiracies so that they can claim that they are innocent whistle-blowers who are being framed.

It is very ironic that Sander Hicks accuses the U.S. government of complicity in the 9-11 bombings since Hicks is an apologist for James H. Hatfield, a career criminal who was convicted of soliciting the 1987 car-bombing of his supervisor Kay Burrow. Burrow's car exploded in the Dallas Cotton Exchange parking garage but fortunately did not kill Burrow or her passenger, the man who was going to replace the vengeful Hatfield, who was caught stealing from his employer.

When he was released on parole, Hatfield became the minor author of a book about the T.V. science-fiction series The X-Files, which depicted FBI agents Mulder and Scully chasing extraterrestrials. The show encouraged conspiracy theories and mistrust of government.

In 1999, when James Hatfield's new publisher St. Martin's Press found out that Hatfield was a career criminal, they recalled copies of his biography about first-time Presidential candidate George W. Bush. Micropublisher Hicks stepped in and offered to publish the bomber's book.

Hatfield's biography cited an unnamed source who claimed that Mr. Bush had been arrested in Texas with cocaine. The new forward to the republished book minimized the bombing by saying that "nobody liked" Kay Burrow.

The new forward also falsely claimed that Hatfield's employer, Larry Burke, had put Hatfield up to the bombing. Hatfield had already told this lie to federal investigators, but he refused to take a lie-detector test; however, Hatfield's employer Burke agreed to a lie-detector test and passed. Burke successfully sued Hicks and Hatfield for falsely accusing him of complicity in the car-bombing.

The dishonest James Hatfield had also self-published a James Bond novel titled The Killing Zone. The forward of the book falsely claimed that the novel was officially sanctioned by Glidrose Publications, who held the rights to the James Bond series.

The dishonest writer-criminal Hatfield killed himself with an overdose of medicine because he was about to be arrested for a computer crime. He was still on parole for the car bombing and would have returned to prison for life. Hatfield survives as a ghost named "Coby" who appears in a play Hicks authored about a Black Bloc anarchist (really Hicks) who orders a political candidate (really G.W. Bush) to take off his shirt so he can be hanged after a trial by a popular tribunal.

Some Truthers have seized on the so-called "Climategate" scandal (scroll down) and are now claiming that the science of global warming is nothing but a "hoax" being masterminded by the government and collaborating scientists to steal our money and seize more power. This conspiracy sounds like an updated version of Communist propaganda about the "capitalist conspiracy" or Nazi propaganda about the "Jewish conspiracy," only now the supposedly "dishonest" scientists are the Jews.

The truth is that climate change denialists have dishonestly misrepresented the research of climate scientists such as the head of the East Anglia University's Climate Research Unit, Phil Jones (scroll down), because the denialists can't argue honestly with what climate scientists such as Jones are really are writing. The "denialists" have even mischaracterised the content e-mail stolen from the University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit and posted by unknown hackers on a server in Tomsk, Siberia.

The 9-11 Truther newspaper Rock Creek Free Press has posted an article by its editor Matt Sullivan titled "Climategate: Science Scandal of the Century: The World’s Most Influential Climate Scientists Get Caught “Fudging” the Data."

A Truther in Australia named John P. Costella has posted an article titled "Climategate-analysis." The article is part of a 9-11 conspiracy site called

John Costella is an aspiring actor, who posts a very vague CV on his star now page:

By day I'm a manager at a "Wall Street" firm up the Paris end of Collins Street. In previous lives I've been a Department of Defence engineer, a high school teacher, a video store clerk, a nuclear physicist, and a McDonald's manager. Weights at the gym keeps me in fair shape (the photos with an extra 20 kilos are pre-2005). Stranger hobbies include writing a book on Climategate, being an "expert" on the Zapruder film of the JFK assassination, and rewriting the Constitution for my book on the Republic. For some years I was a presenter on Radio for the Print Handicapped. I'm willing to try anything!

Why would I believe what this kind of person writes about a scientific topic?

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reports that Senator Inhofe of Oklahoma also showcased his scientific ignorance before the entire world at the Copenhagen climate conference when he falsely claimed that a stolen e-mail posted on the server of Tomcity, reportedly an Internet security business in Tomsk, Russia, proved that climate scientists at the University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit (CRU) were trying to "hide the decline in temperatures."

Here are some short films that debunk climate change denialism.

The Independent Climate Change Email Review has posted the following links to British organizations that have information about weather and climate change:

The Royal Society
The Met Office
BBC Weather

People can also read about the science of climate change at these American scientific sites:

NASA's Climate Change Resource Reel
The National Academies' America's Climate Choices
NOAA Climate Services [National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration]


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